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Welcome to Roman Leaf!

I’m Roman Angelo, a portrait and landscape photographer with a passion for the beauty and fantasy both in our world and in our imaginations.

Whether in front of the camera as a model or behind the lens as a photographer, or both, my work is rarely planned. There is an idea at the start, a seed of inspiration, but mostly, it’s a desire to play and experiment: a desire to finally use that new dress, that thrifted lace, those dead flowers, that handmade backdrop.

Most often a costume is the star. With an extensive wardrobe of lace, dresses, and lingerie with inspiration in fantasy and vintage fashion, there’s always plenty to play with, and many ideas and looks to experiment with.

When it comes to landscape photography, the goal is to create something magical and fantastic. Sometimes this involves more intense manipulation, or sometimes it’s subtle with the original view very much intact.

My work is greatly influenced by my use of color, or lack there of, the extensive wardrobe that takes over the studio, and the natural views around Colorado. Costumes and color can be vivid and dramatic, or elegant and subdued. Can evoke a vintage and moody feel or a colorful and playful one.  Mountains can be covered in mist, peaking through the clouds, and home to gorgeous light shows during sunset.

Through photography, we’re able to recreate ourselves and our world, and step into our imaginations.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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