Old Ladder

ladder fall trees photography

Remember when the air was warm with a touch of cold in the breeze, the trees were bare, and the ground was covered in leaves?

This old wooden ladder is now being covered by a good foot of snow.  Very fluffy snow, at that.

Before long we’ll be sitting in the sun and remembering the cool air of winter.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’



candy candies photography Oh, candy… Sweet, sour, crunchy and packed full of sugar, you can make us sick but we eat you anyway.

If you know me even a little, you know I’ve got quite the sweet tooth.  Recently since I’ve started my mission to eat healthier and more eco-friendly, I’ve noted that candy is definitely my weakness.  When grocery shopping I search for minimal packaging, which is something candy isn’t prone to.  Candy tends to be individually wrapped, or at least come in an un-recyclable plastic bag or wax-coated cardboard.

In addition to being full of sugar and artificial ingredients, its environmentally unkind packaging has made me start to steer clear of it…. unsuccessfully at times as you can see by the garbage pictured above.

In my quest to eat healthy and eco-friendly, it’s clear to me I need to find a substitute to please my sweet tooth as I try to crack my love for sugar.

I’ve been eating a lot of sweet apples lately, which has definitely helped, as well as experiments with cocoa & oatmeal cookies and cocoa & raisin oatmeal.  And tea.

Lots of tea.

Lucky for all of us looking for something healthier and kinder for the planet, the internet is full of recipes to try!  Should I come across something sweetly astounding, I’ll be sure to share.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Fallen Tree

fallen tree earth photography I took this back in fall during an early-morning photography outing.  This old tree got my attention, and reminded me that there’s beauty everywhere around us, even in unexpected places.

Beauty isn’t just in the trees and the picturesque mountain tops, it’s also in the earth beneath out shoes.

The beauty of the small things in life definitely got my attention this past year.  In the coming future, I hope to continue seeing the beauty surrounding me and feel the warm gratitude it brings!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

A Better Self This Year

blue winter rusty old decor photography We should always strive to better ourselves and the world.  I mentioned goals a little bit in my last post, and I decided to share some of my own goals for the following year.

I hope to:

  • Spend more time outside with nature and fresh air.
  • Enjoy more sunrises and sunsets.
  • Work more with my photography.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Gain weight.
  • Enjoy more organic food.
  • Reduce trash and recycle more.
  • Share what I can.
  • Continue reducing my possessions.
  • Read more.
  • Spend less time reading and more time doing.

Well, there you have it!  These are some things I hope to work on this year.

What things do you guys plan to do this year?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


dirt earth macro photography A new year has started.  Whether you actually made any resolutions or not, I’m sure a lot of us have thought hard about our choices and actions this past year.

Did we meet any of our past goals?  Did we smile more, laugh more?  Did we sever our attachment to that cozy couch in front of the tv?

Maybe some battles were lost, maybe we didn’t even fight.  And just maybe we made some new goals we never saw coming.  New ideas came up, new goals were made, new changes took place that move us forward and closer to who we are at heart.

Life took quite a few surprise turns this year.  I went from a shopaholic trying to buy happiness, inspiration, and purpose, to a minimalist with a love for the eco-friendly.  I realized just how much I love and need nature, and how healing I find it to gaze at the sky.

Every day has something to teach us, if we quiet our mind and just look, just listen.  In the quiet, what does your heart tell you?

Does it tell you to forgive more, to spend more time with family, or maybe spend more time alone with your thoughts?

Whether you made goals for the new year, or just create them as you go, I hope all of our goals push us to be even happier, wiser and stronger, so we can make the world better for everyone.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Your Family is Waiting

red thorns dew photography

You have a family that loves you, supports you, and brings you great joy.  Or, maybe you have one that belittles you, frightens you, and hurts you.  Those people aren’t your family.

Family is a gift.  It’s a bond of love and understanding you build with those whom you truly care for and want to be in your life, and you can bet they feel the same about you.

Perhaps your relatives are your family, and that’s great!  And if not, if your relatives hurt you and your bond breaks (or never has a chance to form), then that’s their loss.

You deserve better.  You deserve love.

Even when you feel pain, when you feel surrounded by hatred, anger, and fear, know that your true family is out there.

Somewhere out in the world is a group of people waiting to give you love, support, and understanding, and you’ll give it right back.  They’ll bring you more joy than you ever thought possible, and you will feel warmth only a true family can bring.

So while your tears, raise your head and keep going.  There’s a family out there waiting for you with open arms, and they can’t wait to meet you.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Things Change

fall leaves river photographyWhether it’s a loved one passing, a passion that’s faded, or a night-owl braving the sunrise, things change.

Learn to expect it, embrace it, and appreciate it.  The changes in life shake things up, kick you out of your comfort zone, teach you something, and bring you to a stronger version of yourself.

The road can hurt, be uncomfortable, and be a lonely journey, but changes always come with a beautiful sunrise.

Life is about change, growth, death and rebirth.  Take each step forward, be brave, and raise your head to see the gold of the sun.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’