The Great North | Cotton Apparel with a Cause

In addition to some recent lifestyle and fitness goals that have left this photographer and sorta model feeling better than in a long time, I found myself able to work with The Great North!

Not only do they donate 10% of proceeds to environmental causes, but their apparel is also made with cotton, a true blessing in the gym!

This tank top is 90% cotton, which is pretty great, not just for aesthetics but for the environment, and my gym partners!


Check out more from The Great North and use ROMAA30 at checkout to get a whopping 30% off your purchase!


Let’s not forget to choose more environmentally conscious companies while we chase our goals…!

Black Bird | Portrait

A style portrait inspired by alternative and goth fashion.

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This was another experiment to work with desaturated colors and a bright background.  It’s a style I greatly admire and love to see from other photographers and artists, but isn’t one I like to execute myself.

It’s a good reminder that just because we like a certain style in others’ work, we won’t necessarily appreciate it when it’s our own!

Let’s keep experimenting and trying new styles and techniques!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

gothic fashion self portrait photography

Fantasy portrait of an Autumn witch

Bicycle, Bicycle

This much-loved bicycle top is now available in the shop!

While waiting for a cold to pass, why not play with the flashguns in the studio?

It’s easier to get a clean white background when you can evenly light it and get the subject far enough away from it to lose that pesky texture, unless you want to include it!

Shooting with a wider aperture is also another strategy, though if you’re like me, 5.8/f is the closest you can get to!

A new lens is currently on the way, an 85mm, f/1.8 prime to be exact, so we’ll see how that works out in the studio!

If you’d like to help support Roman Leaf, please check out the Shops and find something you like!


And as always,

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Recently found myself inspired by the incredible Brooke Shaden and her recent piece ‘betwixt between’, which pushed me into the studio for the first time in a while!

This also proved to be a good opportunity to practice compositing and using layer masks, which are quite a god-send!


Let’s keep our eyes open for inspiration, and keep up with the latest work of those that inspire us most!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Lace-Up Dress

Self portrait photography of a mysterious character hidden under a red hood.

Rogue | Thrifted Style

Thrift shops are always fun to look through, whether we’re looking for everyday wear or something to work as part of a costume.

Pairing pieces together, whether for fashion or for a costume, is going to take some practice.  So far, going for pieces that are more general or timeless has been a good rule of thumb for keeping the collection to a reasonable size.

Though sometimes a knotted top just catches your heart.

Let’s keep our eyes open for what inspires us, either for our everyday style or a future photoshoot.  And let’s always keep second-hand shops and reuse in mind!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self portrait photography of an elven maiden character in the studio.

Lace-Up Dress

Black and White | Personal Style

Laced Top Skull Skirt

Dotted Skull Skirt

This miniskirt caught my eye while browsing a local thrift shop.  At first I thought, or rather hoped, it was a covered with stars.  But on closer inspection, they turned out to be dotted skulls.

Still pretty sweet.

The lace-up top was found on clearance at a store carrying clothing, incense, candles, tapestries, and the like.  Although altered a bit to fit better, there is still some work to do on the neckline.

These photos are a definite reminder to choose a background that suits your subject.  Hoping to do a reshoot in the future with white walls perhaps, and hopefully more experience in front of the camera.

Let’s keep practicing, learning from our mistakes, and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones.  Let’s also remember to be patient, and not let discomfort or embarrassment send us rushing.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Personal Style Photography Black Skirt GCS Deer Fashion Flowers

Green Streak | Personal Style

Personal style photography of cropped green sweaterPersonal style photographPersonal Style Photography Black Skirt GCSPersonal Style Green Sweater Waist Belt

Over these past few years, the personal style and inspiration blog The Clothes Horse has been a huge inspiration.  Not only is the fashion wonderful, but the photography by Rebecca herself and at times her husband and friends is gorgeous and inspiring.

With every post I’m inspired to dress more the way I like and practice self-portraits, and recently this inspiration finally pushed me to face certain fears.  Not only to step outside, but in front of the camera as well.

Self-portraits have been a massive draw and passion for years, and now it’s finally time to practice more, overcome shyness and fears, and improve as much as I can.

The Clothes Horse will continue to be an inspiration for myself, and I definitely recommend a visit to her blog if you love fashion, photography, and beautiful locations!

All clothes thrifted; shoes are a hand-me-down.

Let’s keep pushing forward, practicing, and facing our fears, if only one baby step at a time.


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Gather Deer Fashion Flowers