Photography of nature affected by wildfire.  Blog post on compassion.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”  – Buddha

Kindness, compassion, and love are always an option.  And definitely one far better than clinging to anger and judgements.  Let’s always do our best to walk through this world with compassion, and shower each other with kindness at every opportunity.

A smile to a stranger can make such a difference; as can a word of kindness.  Love and kindness serves everyone; hatred serves no one.

Let’s keep compassion in our hearts, and let go of anger.  Let’s keep moving forward, and do our best to be better every day.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sky photography of clouds after sunset. Anger Grows on You

Remember the Positive


Tensions start to run high, patience begins to stretch thin, and life keeps going at the same rate.  Technically true, but it doesn’t always feel that way.

Letting ourselves be consumed by anger and running negative monologues through our heads doesn’t make us feel any better, and it certainly doesn’t help pass the time.

When we feel pressure building, anger mounting, and blood boiling, let’s remember the positive.

Let’s lose ourselves in what brings us peace, remember the positive, and hope for the future.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sunset Moon Clouds in Light Close-up

Remember the Positive

Remember the Positive

It can be too easy to get upset.

Something small happens, or maybe things have been going bad all day, and we don’t simply shrug it off.  We latch onto it, and soon find ourselves wading into an ocean of anger, frustration, and negativity.

When we find ourselves getting frustrated, let’s not let it ruin our day.  Let’s remember the positive, remind ourselves that it will pass, and take a deep breath.

Much Peace and Keep Roman

Clouds and Hope Cloud Perspective


Summer Leaves Like Lace

Thinking positive isn’t always easy.

When I get down, it’s easy to reject positive thinking.  For some reason, when I’m allowing myself to be consumed by anger and sadness, I prefer to wallow in it.  Rejecting negative thoughts and emotions is hard work when you’re drowning in them.

It’s important to latch onto whatever positivity we can, be it hopes for the future, or gratitude for what we have now.

Let’s do our best to remain positive, and not spend too much time wallowing in the negative.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Feelings fallen tree earth photography

Anger Grows on You

Anger Grows on You

Sometimes when we get angry or frustrated, we fixate on what’s bothering us.  We run that negative commentary in our heads about how annoyed we are, how angry people make us, how frustrating something is.

And we stay fixated on it.

Our problems and annoyances seem to grow, and our anger grows with them.

Sometimes, even when we ‘move on’, minutes or days later something else bothers us, and we seem to pick up right where we left off.

When we fixate on the negative, it feels like we plant a seed on our shoulders.  Anger sprouts and just keeps growing, getting heavier and heavier and weighing us down to the point where we feel like we’ll snap.

It can be a struggle to not give in to anger and negativity.  But there are some things we can do to help shake the negativity and stay positive.

  • Close our eyes and take deep breaths.  Try meditating if you have the time.
  • Count our blessings.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  Focus on the positive instead of the negative.
  • Laugh.
  • Smile.
  • Observe our negative thoughts/feelings and let them pass.  Don’t judge them or their cause.  Let it go.
  • Picture something calming.  What relaxes you?  A cup of hot tea?  A towering mountain?
  • Envision our hopes for the future.
  • Eat a healthy snack.  Not only can a snack give us extra energy, but it could give us a little time to ourselves.
  • Solitude.  Time alone is best when quiet, at least for me.  Take a break from the screaming kids and spend some peaceful, quiet time alone.
  • Get some fresh air.  Fresh air is always good for the mind and body.
  • Gaze up at the sky.  Whether we see clouds, stars, or the big blue, the sky is a good reminder that the world is too vast and beautiful to get held down by anger.
  • Let go of judgement.  Let’s put ourselves in others’ shoes and have compassion.
  • Do something nice for someone.  Kindness begets kindness, and joy begets joy.

Let’s remember stay positive, and act in kindness instead of anger.

Anger can grow on us, but only if we let it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’