Panic Button

panic and anxiety attacks funny photography

Sometimes the simplest things can set off our internal panic buttons.  Change, new things, a little worry can trigger a full scale panic attack.

When we’re consumed with anxiety, it feels like the world shrinks a thousand times around us, trapping us inside a small shell of fear, nerves, and fragility.  We forget how things really are.  All we see and are certain of is fear.

It’s easy to forget how we really feel about things, and how the world really is.

But when our gut is paralyzed in fear and our hearts race like a train out of control, we have to remember that anxiety tells us lies.

The world is not as scary, we are not as fragile, and we are not as trapped as our anxiety would have us believe.

Let’s take a deep breath and remember to never operate out of fear or make any decisions fueled by it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’