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Welcome into the shadows!

Always Growing

Unfurling Flower

Life continues to press on, nature continues to bloom, and Roman Leaf is continuing to grow, as well!

Updates will be daily from now on.  In addition to hundreds of photos waiting to be processed, there is still so much to explore and share here on the blog.  So much to practice, as well!  In the coming months, hopes are high for some posts on DIY, decor, food, simple living, local travel, personal style, and more of what I’d hoped for from the beginning.

A look at all there is to see when roaming through life; a leaf in the wind.

It’s long been my dream to support myself through art I love, to share, and to hopefully inspire others along the way.  Daily updates were always on the plan, and now feels like a good time to take the next step!

Can’t wait to continue roaming, sharing, and practicing with you at my side.  If you have any ideas about what you’d like to see and what can be improved on, please leave a comment or contact me!

Practice is what makes learning and improving possible, so let’s continue to stretch ourselves and reach for new goals.  Best wishes and loving support for all your endeavors!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Nature photograph of a stargazer flower. Nature photograph of a tree with little pink flowers.

Metaphysical Blend – Side Project!


The Roman Leaf Blog is where you can find nature, photography, minimalism, and most anything else I come across!  But definitely not everything.

Join me on Metaphysical Blend to explore the more spiritual and metaphysical interests that’ve caught my heart.  Featuring photography, of course, posts will cover positive thinking, intention, meditation, symbolism, spirituality, metaphysics, etc.

Love of nature tends to overlap with spirituality, and positivity makes many appearances on Roman Leaf, so don’t be surprised if you find the same posts on both blogs from time to time!

Terribly excited to continue learning and to share this different journey!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Roman Leaf | First Year

Roman Leaf started one year ago today, and it’s been such a great year!

It’s been such a pleasure to share my photography with you, and hopefully you enjoyed some positivity, as well!

Here are some of the most liked posts from this past year.  Enjoy!

Challenges Bare Tree in Fog New Year New Year Sunset Warm Green Food Favorite : Potato Side Dish Cake with Coconut and Anise Clouds and Hope Look for Luck Vine After Rain Into the Light Sunrise Birds Cloud Perspective Depression Winged Bull Beauty is Everywhere Leaves in Shadow Grow Green Leaves Little White Flowers Beaded Raindrops Spring Forest Sunset Moon Spring Goals Red Dogwood Flower Bad Vegan white tree blossom nature photography Purple Wave Beauty Vegan chocolate cake recipe RL winter wood trees photography Moss nature photography Antique books look like nature fall river roots leaves nature photography japanese lantern flower nature dead fall photography red thorns dew photography

Thank you so much for joining Roman Leaf!  It’s been a wonderful pleasure, and I look forward to the new year!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’