Blue | Her Studies | Boudoir Portrait Photography

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There’s still so much in the studio to photograph!  Lots of lace, books, horns and more.  But still in need of armor and more swords!

What would you like to see?

Blue Soul | Portrait Photography

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Fantasy portrait photography again in the studio, with some gorgeous blue hair and a very unique candle!

What’s your favorite hair color?

Her Struggles | Dark Portrait

Mental health is tricky.  It’s not an issue everyone struggles with, but those of us who do can truly understand the uphill battle it can feel like.

It’s a struggle to not know how to improve our lives, and it’s even more frustrating when so much research has been done but we still struggle to apply our findings and see results.

Sometimes we need outside help, and it’s important that we seek it out.  Talk to friends, family, a doctor.

Just don’t hide away behind books, trying to figure it out alone.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Solemn Witch

Fantasy portrait of a witch

I recently did a location shoot with the lovely Yasae!  You can find more from her here (NSFW).


Although this is only one set from the shoot, it’s a great reminder of finding more variety, even within photo sets!

I loved both, and took a slightly different editing approach to each photo, but when putting together a portfolio, variety is key!

With these images being to similar, they wouldn’t both make it into a portfolio.

But, alas, sometimes it’s hard to choose!


Let’s keep variety in mind, especially when deciding which photos to bring to edit.  We’re often better off choosing a single favorite out of similar photographs, than finishing and publishing several.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Alternative fashion portrait

Fantasy boudoir portrait

Mystical Flowers

Before and after editing of a flower photograph

Exploring more with magical and fantasy photography has become a growing love.

It’s brought on a bit of a shift in my photography, and especially how images are edited.

Although belief and admiration for more ‘natural’ photographs is still dear, it’s been replaced by a dream to bring more surreal, otherworldly, and fantastical visions to feed our imaginations and bring fantasy to life.

Here’s to exploring new paths and fancies, and enjoying the magic in nature, life, and our imaginations~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy photograph of a magical path

Nature photography of a foggy forest in Fall. Une photo d'une forêt brumeuse à l'automne.

Magical Trail

Winter weather makes it all too easy to spend days inside, but let’s make the effort to get out and enjoy the gorgeous beauty in nature.

We’ll be so much better for it!

Whether we take our cameras along or not, let’s get out and explore, and let the landscape lift our mood and inspire our imagination!


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Nature photography of a foggy forest in Fall. Une photo d'une forêt brumeuse à l'automne.

Landscape photography of aspens in a cemetery. Une photo des trembles au cemetière

Blood on Her Hands | The Importance of Experimentation

Horror portrait of a girl with bloody hands

Dark art photograph of a nymph covered in blood

Model/MUA/Crown: Haven of KudaCosplay

Experimentation is so important!  Not only during a certain shoot, but in our photography in general.

If we never go past our usual art and creative methods, we could miss out on things we didn’t even think would interest us!

These portraits are a great example of mixing it up during a photoshoot, as these three images are quite different, although all featuring fake blood, and the same dress and model.

We set out into the woods with one wardrobe, and the idea that we’d be playing with fake blood, though there wasn’t much else planned.  These images just came about organically as we played around and experimented!

Not only did I find that dark art is really quite beautiful and so fun to create, but that it’s quite easy to photograph different looks and moods within a short amount of time and with the same model, wardrobe, and set.

Whether we’re looking to license images for books, create a diverse portfolio, or create a series of different looks for a client shoot, let’s keep in mind the power of experimentation!

 Let’s open ourselves up to playing with what we have, and see what things we can create and discover~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy portrait of a nymph looking out over the forest

Fantasy boudoir portrait