Blue Soul | Portrait Photography

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Fantasy portrait photography again in the studio, with some gorgeous blue hair and a very unique candle!

What’s your favorite hair color?

Eve and Her Light | Fine Art Portrait

Eve and Her Knowledge.


Do you dare to look into the light and learn what has been hidden in darkness?

The truth may hurt.

Candlelit Nymph | Fantasy Portrait

Close up fantasy portrait

While we find ourselves on a particular tangent or visual bend, let’s not forget to stretch a little bit and try new things as well!

What style are you having fun with, lately?


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Makeup: Physicians Formula, CoverGirl, Maybelline, Zuzu, RMS Beauty, Burt’s Bees, Eco Stardust, Mineral Fusion
Antlers: Hysteria Machine

fantasy self portrait of a candlelit nymph

Fantasy portrait of a candlelit nymph

Nymph | Dark Fantasy Portrait

Even Nymphs can become fiery and demand their offerings.  Darkness is the best place to find the light, but we must be willing to pay for it.  

Let’s keep our chins up, stoke the fires in our hearts, and give thanks for inspiration when it strikes!


Horns: Hysteria Machine
Fashion: Thrifted
Makeup Featuring: CoverGirl, Burt’s Bees, Physicians Formula, Zuzu, Mineral Fusion

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

fantasy self portrait of a nymph in candlelight

Fantasy portrait of a candlelit nymph

Nymph Magic | Fantasy Portrait

Horns: Hysteria Machine

Photoshoots always go better with a little planning, but it’s often the ‘let’s try this’ shots that end up being favorites!

Let’s take the time to put some forethought into our portraits, but still keep flexibility and creativity.  The additional work ahead of time can save us some headaches in the future, and keep a portrait session from going on far too long.


Here’s to the messy, spur of the moment portraits, and to the shots we never expected.

When do you find you get the best photographs?  During the planned moments or the spontaneous ones?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy self portrait, aged book

Fantasy studio portrait of a medieval character

Candlelit Nymph | Fantasy Portrait

We all have darkness in our lives, but sometimes we need to lean on others.

And we should.

But we also need to hold ourselves responsible for creating light in our lives, sharing it with others, and learning to love ourselves as best we can.

Let’s continue to grow, push through our struggles, ask for help when we need it, and help others when we can.


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy portrait photography of a horned nymph

Fantasy self portrait

The Nymph’s Light

Horns: Hysteria Machine

When we find ourselves in darkness and alone, we must hold our light close.

Let’s look upon the candlelight, and feel the beauty in life coming our way.  As our own source of magic, let’s use it to our benefit to create beauty.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Boudoir photography of a vampire character

Dark fantasy portrait