Fallen Tree | Self Care

A dark, green forest photographed in the Colorado mountains while hiking The Crags.


It’s always when we push ourselves too far that we realize how we’re not treating ourselves as well as we should.

Hindsight is truly 20/20.

Let’s be more in tune with ourselves and how we’re living, and pay more attention to the subtle clues that we need to take better care of our health.


To health and self-care, which we need to truly enjoy our explorations and adventures in life~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photo of a magically lit forest.

A vivid green forest

Warm Winters

The numerous pots around the house with only dirt and withered leaves will tell you that I’m not that great with plants.  Dried flowers are fragile, of course, but still beautiful.  And they can’t die twice.

You can find dried flowers at craft stores, and sometimes at thrift shops, but of course the most fun way to get a collection is to go out and pick your own.  You can even press them in a book and frame when dry.

Whether we’re able to care for living plants, or can only handle the dried variety, let’s bring the beauty of nature indoors to keep us a little warmer this winter!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Nature photograph of a warm view of trees with bright oranges and blues.

Trash Day

How to Make Depression Less Depressing

Purple Buds

Depression is hard and painful.  Although it’s something I’m still struggling with myself, why not share some ways to help make depression less depressing!

  • Wash up.  Depression makes simple things like showering feel like too much effort and not worth it.  Do it anyway.
  • Get out of your pajamas/lazy-wear.
  • Wake up at a reasonable time.  And if you can’t, don’t bully yourself about it.
  • Stretch.  Or if you’re not as lazy as me, exercise!
  • Get some fresh air in your home.
  • Spend some time outside in nature, even if it’s just standing on the porch and admiring the trees.  Go for a walk or bike ride if you can.
  • Eat some healthy food and spend time preparing it.  Putting together a meal (even a small one) is calming and almost as enjoyable as eating it.
  • Avoid vegetating in front of the TV or aimlessly wandering the internet.  Read some books instead.
  • When you do spend time before the TV/computer, limit your time and watch things that make you laugh.
  • Clean up around your home.  Pick up any dirty laundry/garbage that’s accumulated, wash the dishes, and sweep up.
  • Spend some quiet time to yourself.
  • Listen to music that makes your heart sing and makes you dance.
  • Be kind to everyone you meet, and do something nice for others.  Making others smile will lift your spirits.  Happiness is contagious.
  • Create something.  Draw, paint, sew, photograph.
  • Read/listen to inspiring stories of others overcoming obstacles and finding happiness.
  • Find someone to talk to, be it a friend or therapist.

Depression is hard, but there is always hope.  Let’s do our best to take care of ourselves and make dealing with depression less depressing.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Depression Feeling Blue

DIY Deodorant

natural deodorant jar eco friendly photography
Eco-friendly, homemade deodorant.

A few months ago, I began searching online for greener and healthier alternatives to deodorant.  I came across a few products sold online, but what caught my eye was this recipe on One Green Planet, calling for nothing more than baking soda, coconut oil, and corn starch.

I eye-balled the measurements (as usual) and came up with this wonderful jar of magic that I’ve been using since November.

It’s been holiday-season-shift-tested by this retail associate.  After running around the sales floor all day, I smell, well, nothing.

This wonderful little jar has put my store-bought deodorant to shame, and I’ll never go back.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’