Bloom | Take The Leap

“Leap and the net will appear.” -John Burroughs

We may desperately want change, but still cling to what we’ve known because it’s safe and predictable.

We tell ourselves want a new job, but then convince ourselves we can’t change careers now.  The bills will never get paid, the job market is too bad, and that we should just stick it out.

Things in life are always changing, but to make the changes we crave and need, we have to be willing to let go and take the leap.

Things will work out one way or another.  Be smart, and be prepared, but let’s not be too afraid to take the leap.

Let’s be courageous.  Our net will appear.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Floral photography of a tree covered in small pink flowers.

nature photography trees pink purple flowers


Moon | Change

Change is always good.  Or, perhaps a more agreeable thing to say is that change always gives us good opportunities.

With each change, drastic or subtle, wanted or not, we’re presented with opportunities.  We’re able to learn, grow, become stronger, and move forward.

Let’s see the positive side of change, whether it’s change we want or dread, and choose to grow and keep moving forward.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography of a harvest moon over a grass field Photograph of geese flying during sunset


Sky photography of clouds after sunset.

Today we’ve once again felt heartache and been reminded of how death can come in an instant, and how such immense tragedy can take us off-guard.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, not even the next moment.  The only thing we’re promised is the present, so let’s live it wisely.  Let’s choose love, and to never pass up an opportunity to be kind to others.  Surround yourself with gratitude, and radiate compassion.

There’s no such thing as too much kindness in the world, so let’s give life all we have.

Much Love and Keep Roamin’

nature photography trees pink purple flowers The Little Things

Passion | Don’t Cling

Semi-realistic, manga style drawing of an elf in graphite.

Passion in drawing, painting and the like has definitely seen a strong resurgence lately.  Although thoroughly enjoying the revived love and giving it new purpose through teaching, it’s very important to remember to keep one’s feet on the ground.

I’ve mentioned before how it hurts when a passion suddenly disappears, and how clinging and desperately trying to bring it back will only make matters worse.  Denial is never good, and neither is emptying your bank account in hopes of ‘buying back happiness’.

Passion comes and goes.  Should it return, that’s wonderful.  Let’s enjoy it while it still makes our hearts sing, but let’s not hold onto it too hard, or build expectations.  Life is always changing, so we can’t expect things to last forever.

Let’s revel in the joys our interests bring us, love while we can, and remain open to the change life is all about.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Graphite Drawing WIP Miniature Package and Letters

Change | Fall Raindrops


And so we’ve come to the end of another month, and soon, another year.  It’s important to remember that the small moments of every day are what make up our lives.

Each moment spent loving, creating, sharing, and working towards a goal will blend with another to create the greater sum of our life.

Let’s dedicate more moments to love, craft, gratitude, progress, and improvement.  Let’s keep moving forward, one small step at a time.

Best Wishes, Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photography of a single tree under a moody sky. Photograph of geese flying during sunset

The World is Big

Photograph of stars shining over clouds at dusk.

When we start feeling overwhelmed, trapped, or like things are never going to change, let’s remember how big the world is.

Let’s watch the clouds, gaze at the stars, and take a deep breath.  The world is immense and always changing.  Hardships come and go, but let’s never forget the possibilities.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photograph of clouds and a blue sky during sunset Photograph of geese flying during sunset

Fall in the Air

Fall in the Air

The fresh chill of Fall is in the air.

Days have grown shorter, leaves are growing red and orange, pumpkins and other squash are filling markets, and fallen leaves are littering the streets.

Changing seasons always make me optimistic.  It’s a reminder that nothing’s permanent, and that change is always on the horizon.

A chill in the air is a promise of change.  Let’s make the most of this season!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Look for Luck dirt earth macro photography