Pine Needle Dewdrop

Pinetree Dew

Dewdrops and raindrops are so beautiful and wonderful to photograph.  Yet another reason to head outside on those less sunny mornings, with or without a camera.

With more rain these days and snow coming soon, it’s probably time to repair or replace those shoes of ours that have developed holes, rips, and cracks from all our adventures.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Pine Needles and Moss Nature photography of dew on a soft colored plant

Muted Dewdrops

Nature photography of dew on a soft colored plant

Shot on a beautifully foggy morning hike.

The soft and almost pearlescent colors, as well as the lens blur, make for a dreamlike quality.

Overcast days are definitely wonderful for hikes and photography~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Nature photography of a steam. Wildlife photography of a bird perched in a tree.

Beauty is Everywhere

Purple Flower Petal

Beauty is everywhere.

Beautiful flowers aren’t a world away.  Neither are beautiful buildings, trees, animals, textures.

There is beauty in the everyday, and it’s right under our nose.

Let’s open our eyes and appreciate the beauty that can be found all around us everyday. Let’s remember that beauty isn’t something that has to be searched for.

It’s everywhere.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Beaded Raindrops Purple Wave

Purple Morning

Purple Morning

Waking up early often leaves me feeling more positive, present, and content for the whole day.

It’s wonderful to wake up early and see the sky growing lighter as the sun rises and hear the birds chirping.

Despite these wonderful things, I don’t like waking up early.  I’m a night owl, and it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed when you’re feeling blue.

Getting up with an alarm hasn’t been going well, so instead, I stayed up until sunrise.  I’ve heard photographers rave about morning light, and it definitely is beautiful for photography.

I hope to spend more mornings stumbling around outside.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’