Observe Your Feelings

Green Leaf Lace

It’s important to acknowledge, observe, and question our feelings.

Feelings may be giving us signs that we’re no longer traveling down the right path, and that it’s time to move on in another direction.  We change as we grow, and so do our interests and passions.

If something we once loved now leaves us feeling frustrated and miserable, let’s acknowledge our feelings and ask what they might mean.  It may be time to switch paths.

If something no longer makes you happy, don’t ignore it.  Don’t try to force yourself to believe that it’s still what you want.  Don’t try to buy back your happiness and inspiration.

Let’s acknowledge, observe, and question our feelings.  Let’s always keep moving forward.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sense of Progress

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Sometimes it feels like we’re going nowhere, leaving us frustrated.

We may feel powerless, stuck.  Sometimes we have no idea what direction to head towards, and that’s even more frustrating.

I’ve been feeling quite stuck lately, which has shown me how important it can be to stick with something throughout the chaos.  That way, even when actively pursuing different paths, we have one thing that we’re consistent with.  We get our sense of progress.  We feel less like we’ve wasted weeks or months.

Plus, when we feel stuck, time can pass agonizingly slow.  Having an interest we continually work on and update (like a blog) can help us keep our sense of time.  We find that what felt like weeks was just a few days.

Let’s always move forward, stay positive, and remember that life’s meant to be explored, whether we know where we’re going or not.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Many Directions


This world is immense.  We all know that, just stick your head out the car window and watch the trees or stare at the stars in the sky.

Just as there are more stars than we can count, sometimes the same could be said for the limitless directions we can take our lives.

Some of us can’t find that ‘one special love’, that gift we’re meant to cultivate and share with the world.  We have multiple interests, multiple passions, and we can see our lives take any direction in the world.

How are we to choose what direction to take?  Especially since for some of us, our passions come and go, sometimes much faster than we’d like!

I could be a contortionist, a translator, sculptor, doll maker, illustrator, animator, blogger, vlogger, traveler, photographer, jewelry designer, novel author, screenwriter, director, producer, director of photography, set designer, or the guy that brings coffee to everyone on set.  The list goes on.

I can see all of these possibilities.  I’m sure some of you guys have your own list, too.  How are we to choose?

We must prioritize our time just to get our laundry done, so how are we to prioritize our passions?  Do we really have to choose just one?

Honestly, I’m not sure.  My landlord will probably tell me I need a career, and I’m sure my mother would agree.  What do you think?  How do you choose, if you do?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’



  • Refuse to Choose! by Barbara Sher
  • The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One by Margaret Lobenstine
  • Fanning The Ember by Ron Schaffer
  • Puttylike