Red Flowers | Gothic Lolita Portrait

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Red Flowers.

First effort in styling a wig for a photoshoot, and it came out alright despite almost destroying my favorite hair!

Hairstyling is worth the time and work, so here’s hoping to have some different styles for future shoots!

What’s your favorite style?

Dark fine art floral portrait

White Lace Aristocrat | Self Portrait

Thrift stores are great for finding complete costumes, as well as odds and ends that can be built upon and embellished.  Like random bits of lace that can be turned into a choker and a belt.

The more costumes and props we can find that can be reused, altered, and built upon, the fewer costumes and like we’ll have to own, and the cleaner and more spacious our studios will be!

What costumes do you love to collect?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Golden Waves

Fashion portrait featuring a model in a red lace dress in a field during sunset Model: Yasae
Fashion: Thrifted

Photographed one fine Winter day while running around the hills!

Let’s give ourselves the freedom to experiment outside our usual subject styles and shooting themes.

We may find something we’re passion about, or not.  But the important thing is to be open to experimentation!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy portrait photography with a witch theme

fantasy portrait photography of a Doe Nymph and Spring Goddess

Spring Goddess: Doe | Fantasy Portrait

Model: Yasae | Horns: Hysteria Machine

Spring is almost here!

Why not celebrate with a fantasy photoshoot inspired by Goddesses, deer, flowers, and all things Spring?


The darkness is already growing shorter, which means more sun to warm our faces and try to work with when photographing outdoors!

With warmer weather and a new season upon us, who know what’s in store!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy portrait of a witch

Fantasy studio portrait of a medieval character

Blood on Her Hands | The Importance of Experimentation

Horror portrait of a girl with bloody hands

Dark art photograph of a nymph covered in blood

Model/MUA/Crown: Haven of KudaCosplay

Experimentation is so important!  Not only during a certain shoot, but in our photography in general.

If we never go past our usual art and creative methods, we could miss out on things we didn’t even think would interest us!

These portraits are a great example of mixing it up during a photoshoot, as these three images are quite different, although all featuring fake blood, and the same dress and model.

We set out into the woods with one wardrobe, and the idea that we’d be playing with fake blood, though there wasn’t much else planned.  These images just came about organically as we played around and experimented!

Not only did I find that dark art is really quite beautiful and so fun to create, but that it’s quite easy to photograph different looks and moods within a short amount of time and with the same model, wardrobe, and set.

Whether we’re looking to license images for books, create a diverse portfolio, or create a series of different looks for a client shoot, let’s keep in mind the power of experimentation!

 Let’s open ourselves up to playing with what we have, and see what things we can create and discover~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy portrait of a nymph looking out over the forest

Fantasy boudoir portrait


Blue Nymph

Model/MUA/Crown: Haven of KudaCosplay


We all have our comfort zones, and we should definitely work on pushing past them this year!

Studio lighting, self-portraits, and landscape photography have become well-known comfort zones.

And although I still want to improve and expand in these areas, photographing others in the great outdoors is a huge leap I’ve been dying to take!

We can tell what we need to work on by asking ourselves a simple question:

What do I want to do, but haven’t because I’m scared?

  • Write it down.
  • Come up with a short term plan to do this activity (or something comparable).
  • DO IT!

We all have things we dream of doing, and because we have so much invested in the dream, we may have a lot of fear attached to even trying.


What if I decide to take that trip to Iceland, but it turns out I can’t afford it?

What if I finally start my photography business but can’t make any money?

What if I try, but fail?


Fail anyway.

Success is the result of a lot of trial, error, and failure.  We can’t improve if we’re not willing to be a beginner.

We have to try.


So let’s get excited about our dreams and goals, big or small, and start working towards them.

Let’s push past our comfort zones, learn, grow, and create something amazing!


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy boudoir portrait




The Bride | Tips, Tricks, and Tutorial Tuesday

This poofy wedding dress, paired with a knit top and lace curtain finally got put to use in the studio!  Why not take the opportunity to shoot with a new, handmade backdrop as well?

In schedule-related news, regular posts will continue to be every Monday and Friday, with the new addition of Tips, Tricks and Tutorials on Tuesdays!

Every Tuesday, come check out the blog for quick tips, tricks, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes goodies!  Topics will range from photography, costuming, props, DIY, better living and more, and might be a quick trick, before-and-after shots, or a longer tutorial!

If you have ideas of things you’d like to see and learn about, please contact me or leave a comment anytime!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Vampiress | Bitten

Self portrait photography of a character in a red cloak and shrouded in darkness