Black Swan | Portrait Editing Stages

A few stages broken down from editing Black Swan.

As we work, let’s remember to save frequently, and save layered files as ‘stages’ before we compress an image and continue on!

It’ll save us some headaches if we need or want to revisit and reedit an earlier stage.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography edit before and after

Gothic Wallflower | Before and After

The before and after editing Gothic Wallflower.

Another example of how sometimes the magic lies in the editing process.

The ring light was used as the key light, and an off-camera flash with a red (diy) gel stood off to the right.  The gelled flash was a bit too far forward, and therefore cast red over more of the face than hoped for.

The lighting and red cast was adjusted in PS, and still left a subtle ‘wrapped color’ that had been originally intended.

Let’s keep learning new techniques, practicing, failing, and trying again.

Although we should try to get the best image out of camera, let’s not be afraid to embrace editing to create magic.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Before and after editing a portrait fashion shoot
Photography before and after

Calm Night Sky | Before and After Editing

The edited astrophotography image compared to the original, out of camera shot.

Definitely wanted to focus on a blue sky and bright clouds in this capture, so color and luminosity were the main adjustments, in addition to a tilt/crop and some clone stamping to remove distracting elements.

Often it’s best to do the final crop/frame in-camera, but with a wide-angle lens, it can be hard!

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See you next week!

Forgiveness | Dark Portrait

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This was another dark, moody portrait shot during the same session as Shadows.

Let’s remember to try different things while we shoot, as we never know what we’ll end up liking most!


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Low lighting self portrait

gothic fashion self portrait photography

Color Management | Goals and Purpose

In Editing: Getting Accurate Color and Brightness, we touched on monitor calibration.

Color management is a topic that’s a bit complex and can be confusing, but let’s take another step!


Once we’ve calibrated our monitors and have a good editing setup, we open up a photograph to edit, and need to decide what Color Proof we’re going to work with.

This can be found in Photoshop CS5 under View>Proof Setup>Custom.

Popular working options include Internet Standard RGB, Adobe, and more.

Depending on which Proof option we choose (and be sure that ‘Proof Colors’ is checked!), our image can look VERY different.


This is where our goals and purpose comes in.

  • If we only plan to upload our photography online, working in Internet Standard RGB may be best.
  • If we plan on running prints of our fine art for sale, working in CMYK or a custom profile via our preferred printer may be best.

It really depends on what our main use of our art will be.


Color Management is a very important, although complex, topic.

Let’s check out some of the articles available online, and get a better idea of how we’re working!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


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See you next week!

Sunset Tower | Before & After Editing

Original OOC (out of camera) image versus the final, edited photograph below.

Sometimes editing is a bit more subtle, but how ever long we edit, let’s keep our intention in mind.

How we edit our photography depends on the mood we’re going for, the story we want to tell, and the purpose behind our chosen technique.

Let’s remember to keep our intentions in mind!


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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Photography before and after

Before and after editing of a fine art landscape photograph of a woodland path.

Black Bird | Portrait

A style portrait inspired by alternative and goth fashion.

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This was another experiment to work with desaturated colors and a bright background.  It’s a style I greatly admire and love to see from other photographers and artists, but isn’t one I like to execute myself.

It’s a good reminder that just because we like a certain style in others’ work, we won’t necessarily appreciate it when it’s our own!

Let’s keep experimenting and trying new styles and techniques!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

gothic fashion self portrait photography

Fantasy portrait of an Autumn witch