Nymph Magic | Fantasy Portrait

Horns: Hysteria Machine

Photoshoots always go better with a little planning, but it’s often the ‘let’s try this’ shots that end up being favorites!

Let’s take the time to put some forethought into our portraits, but still keep flexibility and creativity.  The additional work ahead of time can save us some headaches in the future, and keep a portrait session from going on far too long.


Here’s to the messy, spur of the moment portraits, and to the shots we never expected.

When do you find you get the best photographs?  During the planned moments or the spontaneous ones?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy self portrait, aged book

Fantasy studio portrait of a medieval character

Elven Maiden

Fun in the studio taking some latex elf ears for a spin!  Also took the opportunity to practice contouring with makeup, and it seems makeup needs to be a bit drastic to register on camera.

Fantasy portraits has been becoming a growing interest, and the dream is to photograph costumed models, reenactors, cosplayers, and larpers out in the beautiful scenery.  But for now, continued practice in the studio wouldn’t hurt!  Perhaps some sets will get put up in here soon…

If you’re a lover of costumes and fantasy brought to life, I hope you’ll stick around for future shoots mixed into the beautiful outdoors!

Let’s keep ourselves inspired and practicing our crafts, no matter how many passions tug at our heartstrings.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self portrait photography of a character in a red cloak and shrouded in darkness

Self-portrait photography. Une photographie autoportrait.