Still | Push Forward

Portrait photography is such a gorgeous and fun art.  Like any art, it takes practice and requires pushing to learn new skills, tools, and techniques.

Something that I’ve been quite shy about doing lately, even though it’s becoming evident that things are plateauing.


Photography that’s more dynamic, with different lighting, props, and even ‘sets’ to add depth and context have long been the dream, and a huge source of clutter!

Though despite more supplies than I’d like, anxiety keeps saying that I’m not ready, there’s not enough to work with, there’s not enough space, etc.

 But it’s really fear of failure.

What if I put together a gorgeous set, but can’t get a good photo?  Or what if I can’t create and dress a set at all?

Fear likes to sit in the back of our minds and keep us from pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and routine, in or out of the studio.  We should remember that it’s okay to be afraid, that failure is a GOOD thing, and that we should never let fear keep us from moving forward.

If we’re really worried, then study, plan.  Let’s put forth our best effort, jump into new territory, and not be afraid to stumble.  Let’s embrace the scrapes on our knees, they’ll help us remember not to fall next time.

Hopefully the stash of supplies and props that’s been growing these past few years will soon be put to use, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the blunders along the way!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Cosplay self portrait. Un autoportrait photographique

Framed | Pushing Our Comfort Zones

Frustration, and the blues that often follow, are great reminders to keep pushing forward and practicing, no matter how irritated we may become and how much we may question our capacity to learn.

If photographing others makes you nervous, keep trying it.  If flash photography makes you want to put your foot through the wall sometimes, keep practicing with it.  If you’re afraid of working with a model because you’re afraid of wasting their time, work with them anyway.

The point is to keep pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us.  Eventually, the nervousness and fear will subside, and we’ll again find ways to push ourselves.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Old Burn | Brush


New Things | Fear

Jasper Aventurine Hamsa Necklace Close

Semiprecious stones, as well as stones in general, have become an increasing interest, especially when it comes to the idea of using them for handmade jewelry.

Despite enthusiasm and inspiration, the beads and stones collected over the past few months just lingered in piles around the house.  It’s so much easier and safer just to think about doing something than to actually try.  What if we fail?  What if we’re not as creative as we’d hoped?  What if it turns out we don’t like this new interest after all, and we’ve collected all these things for nothing?

It’s easy to fear the unknown and the untested, but we shouldn’t let our anxiety stall us from trying something new.  Or even trying something we’re experienced with.  Even for lifelong painters, the blank canvas can still be intimidating.

Let’s not let fear and anxiety keep us from diving into new interests.  We may find a new passion, a new hobby, or not.  But we won’t know until we push ourselves to try and experiment.  It may help keep anxieties to a minimum if we limit how many tools/supplies/etc we get in preparation for this new adventure.  Not only can it reduce financial loss if it doesn’t work out, but we’ll feel less pressure.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Amethyst Pendant Necklace Wire Wrapped River Rock

Move Forward


Life is full of challenges.  That’s how we grow and learn to move forward.

Getting upset isn’t going to make bills any smaller.  Drowning in anxiety isn’t going to change our situation.

Let’s remember that every challenge can be overcome, and there’s nothing we can’t grow to handle.  So when challenges arise, let’s not entertain fear, but move forward and accept the challenge.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Blue Moon Sunset Grow

Panic Button

panic and anxiety attacks funny photography

Sometimes the simplest things can set off our internal panic buttons.  Change, new things, a little worry can trigger a full scale panic attack.

When we’re consumed with anxiety, it feels like the world shrinks a thousand times around us, trapping us inside a small shell of fear, nerves, and fragility.  We forget how things really are.  All we see and are certain of is fear.

It’s easy to forget how we really feel about things, and how the world really is.

But when our gut is paralyzed in fear and our hearts race like a train out of control, we have to remember that anxiety tells us lies.

The world is not as scary, we are not as fragile, and we are not as trapped as our anxiety would have us believe.

Let’s take a deep breath and remember to never operate out of fear or make any decisions fueled by it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


You Don’t Have to Save the World

fog nature photography

And you certainly aren’t going to single-handedly destroy it.

Over this past year, I began to start paying attention to what I poured and washed down the sink and tossed in the trash.  What is in that makeup, that hair dye, that cologne?  What is in that paint, that clay?  How much packaging was thrown in the trash and how much was recyclable?

I want to save the world.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But just because something isn’t going to save the world doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.  The same goes for things that aren’t the most eco-friendly.

You can’t single handedly save the world, and you most certainly can’t single handedly destroy it.

Be as eco friendly as you can, but don’t let your passion to help the world keep you from enjoying other passions.

Play less video games, blog on a more energy efficient computer, paint with more eco-friendly paint, recycle more, buy more things second-hand.

We can all do our part to make our passions and lives more eco friendly to help save the world, but don’t get stuck in fear of destroying it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Sunset Anxiety

icy snow winter sunset trees I’m sure some of you living with anxiety know what this is.

It’s getting late, shadows have grown long and the sky is turning gold as the sun prepares to set.  Or, maybe it’s early, and the sky is turing a pale turquoise as the sun nears the horizon to rise.

Whether sunrise or sunset, you definitely know what time it is.  You start to feel a tightness in your chest, shakiness, and the panic and rush of adrenaline that we all know too well.

Personally, I have a love/dread relationships with sunsets.  When I’m at work, I enjoy taking in the beauty of the golden glow and the clouds dotting the sky.  I feel renewed peace, calm, wander, and hope.  Other times, when I’m home, I dread the lowering of the sun and the slowly growing darkness.

Anxiety can be tricky to beat, I’m still trying to figure it out, myself.  I do, though, recommend that you explore the possible reasons behind your anxiety.  For me, it’s the fear of tomorrow, the unknown, and the fear of a panic attack.  Tell yourself some positive affirmations like,’Tomorrow is going to be a great day,’ and ‘I welcome calm into my life.’

Another thing I recommend is to keep yourself busy.  I don’t panic at work, because I’m working.  It’s a treat when I notice the changing sky and take a moment or two to enjoy it.  It’s not a fearful half-hour that I’ve been consciously dreading.  Also, talk with your doctor.

Keep busy, think positive, and give yourself something to keep your mind and hands busy.    We can beat this.  You can beat this.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’