Misty Autumn Forest | Resistance

Resistance can have a big impact on our lives.

It keeps us in a rut, automatically following the same well-worn paths we’ve been walking for so long.

When ever we want to change for the better (which is hopefully often!), resistance is there to meet us.

Do we let it stop us?


Realistically…it’s at least going to put up a fight.  And that’s our cue to acknowledge our resistance to change, and push forward anyway.

The first hurdles are always the hardest.  We need to jump over them anyway.  We’ll slip, we’ll fall back into our old routine, but each time we need to get back up and move forward.

Habits take time to dismantle and recreate, but it can be done!

How do you want to change yourself for the better?  What goals are you working on, and what new habits are you trying to instill?  How do you overcome resistance?

Let’s keep our goals and values in mind, and keep moving forward!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Deer Trail

Landscape photography of foggy mountains.

Still | Push Forward

Portrait photography is such a gorgeous and fun art.  Like any art, it takes practice and requires pushing to learn new skills, tools, and techniques.

Something that I’ve been quite shy about doing lately, even though it’s becoming evident that things are plateauing.


Photography that’s more dynamic, with different lighting, props, and even ‘sets’ to add depth and context have long been the dream, and a huge source of clutter!

Though despite more supplies than I’d like, anxiety keeps saying that I’m not ready, there’s not enough to work with, there’s not enough space, etc.

 But it’s really fear of failure.

What if I put together a gorgeous set, but can’t get a good photo?  Or what if I can’t create and dress a set at all?

Fear likes to sit in the back of our minds and keep us from pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and routine, in or out of the studio.  We should remember that it’s okay to be afraid, that failure is a GOOD thing, and that we should never let fear keep us from moving forward.

If we’re really worried, then study, plan.  Let’s put forth our best effort, jump into new territory, and not be afraid to stumble.  Let’s embrace the scrapes on our knees, they’ll help us remember not to fall next time.

Hopefully the stash of supplies and props that’s been growing these past few years will soon be put to use, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the blunders along the way!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Cosplay self portrait. Un autoportrait photographique

Goals | Take the First Step

When dreaming of the goals we’d like to achieve, it’s worth remembering that success isn’t always as difficult as we might think.

We can’t climb a mountain without taking the first step, and after that, this immense goal is still achieved by putting one foot in front of each other.  Every goal is just a series of small steps, and small steps aren’t as difficult as fear may lead us to believe.

Maybe we can’t climb a mountain our first few tries, but maybe we can make it farther than we’d anticipated.  Maybe we can’t bike across the city with relative ease, but maybe we can make it to our favorite spot in town without (completely) exhausting ourselves.

Let’s remember that immense goals are just a number of small steps, and let’s start taking these steps now.  The climb may not be as difficult as we’d thought.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sandstone Floor




It’s always good to remember that there are several paths in life, and no matter which one we’re on or how long we’ve been trekking it, we can always change onto another.

Passions come and go, and dreams and goals are no different.  When it comes to what we love and what we want, we need to have the courage to keep moving forward, no matter how impossible the trail ahead appears.

Let’s keep moving toward our goals, have the courage to change direction when we need to, and allow ourselves the basic kindness to dream and believe in the life we want.

Best wishes to all as we walk our paths.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Architecture photography of a metal lamp hanging off an old church.

Nature photograph of dogwood flowers.

Explore While We Can

Forest Textures

Beautiful areas, both natural and manmade, can be found all over.  It’s important to remember to take advantage of the surrounding beauty and our time to enjoy it while we can.

What places do you want to visit and explore, but haven’t yet because it’ll always be there or there’s plenty of time in the future?  Our list of places to see may be big or small, but let’s start exploring now.

Places aren’t always going to be there, and tomorrow is never guaranteed.  Let’s visit that museum, hike through that park, and climb that mountain (or at least try).  Let’s take advantage of the time we have and explore all we can.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Forest photography of fallen trees on an old stone wall. Street photography of Chinatown, Philadelphia

Always Growing

Unfurling Flower

Life continues to press on, nature continues to bloom, and Roman Leaf is continuing to grow, as well!

Updates will be daily from now on.  In addition to hundreds of photos waiting to be processed, there is still so much to explore and share here on the blog.  So much to practice, as well!  In the coming months, hopes are high for some posts on DIY, decor, food, simple living, local travel, personal style, and more of what I’d hoped for from the beginning.

A look at all there is to see when roaming through life; a leaf in the wind.

It’s long been my dream to support myself through art I love, to share, and to hopefully inspire others along the way.  Daily updates were always on the plan, and now feels like a good time to take the next step!

Can’t wait to continue roaming, sharing, and practicing with you at my side.  If you have any ideas about what you’d like to see and what can be improved on, please leave a comment or contact me!

Practice is what makes learning and improving possible, so let’s continue to stretch ourselves and reach for new goals.  Best wishes and loving support for all your endeavors!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Nature photograph of a stargazer flower. Nature photograph of a tree with little pink flowers.

New Goals, New Year

New Year

Hopefully everyone has had a great start to the new year.  Whether facing difficult challenges already, or enjoying some peace, let’s make the best of what we have to make this year great!

Whether our goals are big or small, plenty or few, let’s make them attainable  and a pleasure to work towards.

Books and articles on how to properly set goals fill both isles at libraries and archives online, and often say something about being specific and measurable, for good reason.  But, because I’m me, here’s a list of some vague goals for this year!

  • Continue to eat healthier & more frequent meals.  More veggies, more legumes, more weight, as I’d love to be able to start donating blood this year!
  • Read more & spend more time in libraries.
  • Travel more.  Use public transit to explore more of my home, nearby towns, and Philadelphia, of course!
  • Save more.
  • Buy fewer things.  Spend more money on projects & experiences.
  • Use less gas, water, & electricity.
  • Charge mobile & battery-powered devices with solar power.
  • Spend less time watching tv and surfing the web just to kill time.  Where do the hours go?
  • Enjoy more silence, sun, and fresh air.
  • Craft more in general, especially with items that are thrifted or recycled.
  • Continue minimizing possessions.  Ideally, let’s get to what can easily fit in one cab in one trip.
  • Wear everything in my closet or repurpose it/give it a new home.
  • Spend more time smiling, being grateful, & enjoying a positive perspective.
  • Be more helpful & kind to others.  Be it to a stranger or loved one, being and doing my best for others makes for a radiant joy.
  • Post more here on Roman Leaf, and share DIYs, crafts, cooking, style, positivity, and photography.

Hopefully you’re all excited for the new year and all the change we can create!  Let’s turn our imaginations loose, create, and keep moving forward.

Whether our goals are big or small, plenty or few, let’s give them our best!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Spring Goals dirt earth macro photography