Sense of Progress

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Sometimes it feels like we’re going nowhere, leaving us frustrated.

We may feel powerless, stuck.  Sometimes we have no idea what direction to head towards, and that’s even more frustrating.

I’ve been feeling quite stuck lately, which has shown me how important it can be to stick with something throughout the chaos.  That way, even when actively pursuing different paths, we have one thing that we’re consistent with.  We get our sense of progress.  We feel less like we’ve wasted weeks or months.

Plus, when we feel stuck, time can pass agonizingly slow.  Having an interest we continually work on and update (like a blog) can help us keep our sense of time.  We find that what felt like weeks was just a few days.

Let’s always move forward, stay positive, and remember that life’s meant to be explored, whether we know where we’re going or not.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Green Forest

Spring Forest

Today’s clouds really made the green of the trees pop.  I tried shooting with a smaller aperture and slower shutter speed than usual.

I prefer a shallow depth of field in my photographs for the more dream-like quality it gives, but it’s good to experiment.  Sharp details from foreground to background seems to be preferred for landscape/nature photography.  Although the background is far from sharp here, I hope to experiment more with depth of field.

What aperture range do you tend to favor?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Forest Garden

green moss in forest

I’ve been admiring the green moss growing in this man-made decay.   Not only is moss a beautiful subject, but it’s interesting to see nature living with materials forgotten by people.

This almost looks like a little garden.

Speaking of which, concrete blocks can be up-cycled as garden pots!  You probably don’t want to forget about and trip over them, though.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Spring Green

spring moss close-up photography

Beauty is easy to find, we just have to look!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’