Vivid Green Leaf

Having hope for the future is incredibly important.

Happiness can definitely take work, and I feel that having a positive outlook, hope, and dreams for the future are necessary.

With no hope for the future, we feel stuck, stranded, trapped.  We feel like nothing will ever change, that happiness will always be out of reach, and that nothing has purpose.

Hope is so important.  When we feel down and trapped, let’s remember that we can be anything.  We can go anywhere.

Let’s remember to dream and hope for the future, and all the happiness and positivity to come.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Summer Leaves Like Lace Cloud Perspective

Observe Your Feelings

Green Leaf Lace

It’s important to acknowledge, observe, and question our feelings.

Feelings may be giving us signs that we’re no longer traveling down the right path, and that it’s time to move on in another direction.  We change as we grow, and so do our interests and passions.

If something we once loved now leaves us feeling frustrated and miserable, let’s acknowledge our feelings and ask what they might mean.  It may be time to switch paths.

If something no longer makes you happy, don’t ignore it.  Don’t try to force yourself to believe that it’s still what you want.  Don’t try to buy back your happiness and inspiration.

Let’s acknowledge, observe, and question our feelings.  Let’s always keep moving forward.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Happiness is What’s Important

Focus on Happiness

Happiness makes life worth living.

Growing up, I wasn’t taught about happiness.  I don’t remember it even being brought up.

What was important was money, security, education.  And not independent study done online and in libraries.  The only education worth pursuing was expensive, required loans, and resulted in a respected degree.

Go to college.  Get a degree in a high-demand field.  Get a high-paying career.  Own a home, a car.  Happiness will come later, right?

Growing up, I wish I was taught  about happiness.  I wish I was told to build happiness, not a career.

What’s important is happiness.  It’s what makes life worth living.  Happiness is not an end result, and money, career, and status aren’t means to getting it.

Let’s teach others, and ourselves, to pursue happiness.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


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