Paths to New Places | Changing Passions and Hobbies

Some of us haven’t been able to find that ‘one passion’.  Some of us have had many such passions, but they only last for a while.  Perhaps they last a few weeks, months, or years, or maybe it seems like a blink of an eye before we’re pouring our souls into something else.

There’s nothing wrong with having several, changing passions.  Though sometimes it can be difficult, especially when we’re surrounded by people telling us to ‘just stick with something’, that we’re going nowhere, or that we can’t commit to anything.  Other people aside, we may put some extra strain on ourselves.

Although still struggling along this path myself, here are some tips to navigate the changing and winding trail of changing passions:

  • Don’t put yourself down.  This doesn’t mean you should forgo reality, but don’t crush your dreams before you even set out to reach them.
  • Focus more on the doing than on a title.  You don’t have to be a mountaineer to scale a few peaks.  You don’t have to be a famous costume designer to put together some awesome pieces.  You don’t have to be on staff of a major studio to be an artist.  Focus on creating/doing now whatever it is that’s pulling your heart, instead of focusing on some title in the future.
  • Start small, but start.  When passions rapidly change, we may see a fair bit of money go with them.  Start with the fewest tools/supplies you can get away with, and start now!  You don’t need professional paints in every shade and color to get started; you don’t need a top of the line sewing machine, either.  Start with what you need to really get started, and get creating now!
  • On the subject of tools, hang on to them if your passions tend to come back around.  This is another reason to start small, as when your hobbies change, you can simply put your currently unused tools away until they’re needed again.  It’s harder to do if you’ve got an overwhelming amount of supplies!
  • Consider the words you use.  Are terms you’re using adding unnecessary pressure?  Consider saying that you’re ‘exploring’ a language, or ‘trying’ a new skill, and other words that don’t imply that you’re going for mastery or are committing to a new career skill.  It’s easier to let a passion go when you haven’t been (even sub-textually) telling yourself and others that this passion was ‘the one to last’.
  • Accept yourself as is.  Again, there’s nothing wrong with changing passions.  Trying to force yourself to pick the ‘one thing’ is only going to end in frustration, not to mention so much left unexplored!  Accept your curious soul and ranging talents, and openly welcome all the new passions that come your way.
  • Enjoy the journey!  We should be happy that so many things in this beautiful world tug at our hearts; give us new things to explore and skills to learn!

I definitely recommend the following resources if you find yourself wandering through different passions and hobbies:


Let’s keep moving forward, no matter how many detours we find on our winding paths.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography of tree roots exposed along a nature trail.

Graphite Drawing WIP

Old Passions, New Opportunities

Graphite Drawing WIP

Elf Drawing

The subject of passions has been mentioned quite a few times here on Roman Leaf.  How they come, go, and change.

Drawing is an old passion of mine, one that faded a few years ago before getting seriously into photography.  It resurfaces now and then, though has recently seen a new breath of life due to influences of other hobbies, and new opportunities.

I’m currently working to become certified to teach anime-style drawing classes at a local art shop.  In addition to extra income, I’m definitely excited about teaching and helping others interested in this drawing style.

The idea of putting what I’d spent years practicing into new use for others is definitely fueling inspiration.

It’s definitely something to think about, how old passions might be brought back to life when it’s given a different purpose.  Maybe we used to love jewelry making, painting, sculpting.  Does the idea of enjoying such hobbies again for charity, gift-giving, or teaching bring back any inspiration?

Passions come and go, which is something we should learn to accept, though there’s nothing wrong with seeing if we can find joy in putting our old skills to use in new ways.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography of tree roots exposed along a nature trail. Feelings

Always on the Move

Landscape photograph of clouds around the Rock Mountains near sunset.

Life is always moving and changing, just look at the passing clouds, falling leaves, and around our homes.

Interests come and go, and as mentioned before, sometimes they come back around.  Old hobbies can be picked up again, flowers will bloom next year, and old friendships may be rekindled.

Let’s make the most of what brings us joy while we have it.  Life will continue to change, so let’s make the most of every moment and every interest.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photography of the Rocky Mountains Sunset photography of the sun silhouetting mountains

Passions | Roots

Photography of tree roots exposed along a nature trail.

Interests and passions come and go.  And when we’ve spent years enjoying and honing a discipline, it can be especially painful when the passion for it fades.

It’s important to remember that life is about change.  Nothing is constant or guaranteed to last forever.  We’re constantly growing, so we should remain flexible enough to go where the current takes us.

It’s painful to lose passion for something you used to love, but refusing to let something go and move forward can be even more painful.  We can’t always recapture what was lost by desperate pursuit.

When passions fade, it’s also important to remember that just because passion is now gone, it doesn’t mean it won’t return in the future.

Let’s be flexible and accepting of where life and our interests take us.  Let’s enjoy our loves and passions while they last.  And should they fade, let’s be grateful for the fun we had, and move on to discover our new passion.

Our old passions might come back to visit us someday, but let’s not stay put waiting for that to happen or clinging to what was.  Let’s move forward and see what else there is to love.

-Brought to you by the nostalgia of looking through remnants of an old passion-

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Feelings fall leaves river photography


Sense of Progress

nature, photography, photograph, leaf, ground

Sometimes it feels like we’re going nowhere, leaving us frustrated.

We may feel powerless, stuck.  Sometimes we have no idea what direction to head towards, and that’s even more frustrating.

I’ve been feeling quite stuck lately, which has shown me how important it can be to stick with something throughout the chaos.  That way, even when actively pursuing different paths, we have one thing that we’re consistent with.  We get our sense of progress.  We feel less like we’ve wasted weeks or months.

Plus, when we feel stuck, time can pass agonizingly slow.  Having an interest we continually work on and update (like a blog) can help us keep our sense of time.  We find that what felt like weeks was just a few days.

Let’s always move forward, stay positive, and remember that life’s meant to be explored, whether we know where we’re going or not.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’