It often pays to step off the beaten path, if only to see the familiar in a new way.  There’s also a great chance of encountering something you didn’t even know was there.

The world opens up and becomes so much bigger when we take the time to really explore.

Let’s get out and enjoy the views of a path less trodden.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photography of a trail in Rock Ledge Ranch.

Forest Textures

Home Across the Valley

Cozy-looking homes, whether a house on a farm, a downtown apartment, or a brick hideout in the mountains, always inspire hope for having a home of my own one day.

And this home overlooking a valley and an exceptionally gorgeous rock formation is no exception!

Heading down the highway through the mountains of Colorado, you’re guaranteed to see not only some gorgeous scenery, but some comfy-looking homes!

Let’s keep our eyes open for what inspires us, both visually and in regards to our life goals.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Texture detail photography

Textured Boulders

Old Home | Negative Self-Talk

Urban photography of the fenced entrance before an old home in the historic old city

When we find ourselves learning something new, heading in a different direction, or even just entertaining the idea of doing so, it’s incredibly easy to start berating ourselves.  It can be surprising how cruel we can be, especially regarding goals and dreams.

We would never tell a friend they’ll never be good enough to do this, or never have enough money to do that.  We’d especially never tell them that they simply don’t deserve it.  But we’re so quick to say these exact things to ourselves.

We tell ourselves we’re not good enough and never would be, that we have no right to live a life like that, that we’d never have the money, and that we shouldn’t bother.

Dreams and even simple goals can be derailed easily enough without being unnecessarily cruel ourselves.  So let’s ignore the self criticism, counter it with positive facts and affirmations, remember that anything is possible, and that we definitely deserve a life we love.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Urban photography of a white porch with a red door.

Boarded Up Farmhouse

Manitou Blue

Urban photography of a cozy home in Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs in Colorado is bursting at the seams with gorgeous homes and businesses alike.  Another historic town, it’s lined with cozy-looking old homes.

This particular building, possibly several homes, sports a beautifully chipped layer of light blue paint.  The sheer and tablecloth curtains are pulled back just enough to show off some thriving plants and some comfortable seating.

Urban photography of a blue home in Manitou Springs

Saturation was played with in editing, so this equally lovely window sports the same light blue as the rest of the home, though tiled and featuring a spattering of rust.

Whether we’re part of a throng of tourists, or exploring on our own during the colder months, let’s get out as much as possible and take in the gorgeous sights.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Exterior architecture photograph of the front of an old white home. Boarded Up Farmhouse

Cozy Porch

Urban photography of a white porch with a red door.

This cozy home sits in the historical Old Colorado City.  Definitely a favorite part of the city, as it boasts plenty of gorgeous architecture, restaurants, shops, and old homes.

Red doors are a favorite, especially when contrasting with textured white walls.  The metal mailbox and tub add to the charm and cozy feel of this quiet porch.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Urban photography of a cozy side street. Red Brick

Reading List: Handmade Home – Living With Art and Craft

Stage Coach Desk

‘Handmade Home, Living With Art and Craft’ by Mark and Sally Bailey recently found itself on my pile of books from the library.

Not only is it wonderfully written, but the photographs by Debi Treloar are absolutely stunning and inspirational.

The book takes us around the homes of the writers, as well as of other artists and designers.  The homes are all unique, but share a common air of coziness, personal style, and the handpicked and handmade.

Definitely a wonderful book to go through.  It’s full of gorgeous ideas and inspiration that’ll give you a new appreciation for your antiques (like this old stagecoach desk), and have you searching for new finds at the local thrift shop.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Streep photograph of a chocolate shop Antique Freezer

Cozy Old Home

Exterior architecture photograph of the front of an old white home.

Exterior architecture photograph of a cozy old white home.

I’m quick to admire someone’s home, be it a house, row-house, or apartment.  It’s a beautiful thing for people to have a space of their own.  A place where where can be ourselves, enjoy company,  and show our personalities.

This beautiful older home has been a wonderful sight these past few years.  Not only is it gorgeous, but it has a very calm, quiet, cozy feel.

We all deserve a place where we can live our lives and feel safe.  Our current situation may be far from perfect, but let’s remember that the world is a big place, and our future is ours to build.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Red Brick Chinatown Balcony