Essentials for Self Portraits | Getting Started

Self-portraits are a great way to learn about your camera, lighting equipment, posing, costuming, and yourself!

It can be difficult to be both model and photographer, so here are some essentials to get started in self portrait photography!


  • A Tripod
    For regular or beauty portraits, it’s often best to have the camera at eye-level

For fashion portraits, consider having the camera a bit lower, maybe waist level.  It’ll make you look taller!


  • A Focal Point
    Depending on how you trigger the camera, just a point on a wall can work, but I personally use an extra light stand with a foam head on it.  This way you can better see what will fit in the frame and how the light will fall!

When you get before the camera to model, you’ll take the place of what you used to focus.


  • A Trigger
    The camera’s self timer can work, but I highly recommend a remote shutter release!

There are wireless, time-lapse timers, and corded options, so consider what kind of portraits to want to take.

Corded and wireless are great when you’re relatively close to the camera, and a time-lapse remote is wonderful when you’re going to be far from the camera (like an environmental portrait).


  • Patience
    Patience is necessary for self portraits, as it can take dozens if not hundreds of photos to get one we like!


  • Extra batteries
    If you’re using a remote that uses batteries, be sure to have extras on hand.  You don’t want to be all dolled-up and have the remote suddenly stop working!


Self portraits are a huge opportunity to learn and grow, so I highly recommend giving them a shot!

We’ll delve into self-portrait photography more in the future, but now you have the essentials to get started!


If you have any questions or suggestions for Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials Tuesday, please leave a comment or contact me!

See you next week!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Passions Worth Pursuing


What makes a passion worth pursuing?

This is a question I’ve been wrestling with a lot this year.  No, you don’t have to save the world, but how do you determine whether an interest is worth pursuing?

What if a passion conflicts with your values?  Do you abandon your passion, or shape it to closer align with the values you hold?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Don’t Just Read About It, Live It

old book too much research learn experience photography

As a lover of learning, I’ve read a lot of books.  Most of which are books on how to do photography, blog, sculpt, draw, write, speak a foreign language, paint, etc. etc. etc.

This year something finally dawned on me, and it’s that there’s a time to put the books down.  Again…

Put the books down.

There’s nothing wrong with doing your research and reading how to do something before you actually do it.  You can learn great techniques, proper tools, and basic information that can take your project a long way.

But learning how to do something isn’t just reading all you can about it.

You learn by doing.

You can’t learn to paint by reading all about painting techniques, you have to pick up the brush.  And you can’t learn to speak French by only reading grammar books, you have to speak it.

This is something I’ve been guilty of for a long time.  I read all the books I can, take stacks of notes, and end up never really experiencing much of what I’m so interested in learning to do.

I’m working to find balance, and I invite you to do the same!

Let’s not just read about screenwriting, let’s get our screenplays written.  Let’s not just read about sculpting, let’s play with the clay.

Let’s not just read about something, but live it!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’