Queen | And so it Begins

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Portrait photograph of a Queen about to step into Her true role.
Makeup: Maybelline, CoverGirl, Physicians Formula, Almay


We must all move forward with our heads held high, and shed what holds us back.

We are in charge of our futures, so we must wage war and fight for what’s ours.

And so it begins…..


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The Restless | Wanderer

Some of us struggle immensely with a restless soul.

We feel that life is passing us by, that we’re not living the life we’re meant to live, meeting the people we’re meant to meet, creating the things we’re meant to create.

Perhaps we’re just adventurers, who love the new sights and smells of travel.

Or perhaps it’s a little deeper than that.

Maybe we’re unhappy, our soul is in pain, and we hope and believe that this pain will stop when the circumstances are right.  We believe we’ll finally be happy if we can just find the ‘right’ city, the ‘right’ career, the ‘right’ family.

But we have to remember that our souls are in pain because we haven’t learned how to create happiness where we are, that we are restless because we keep trying to run away.

We are restless.  We need to feed our souls, and if that means new travels, hobbies, and family, then that’s okay.  But we also have to learn to feed our souls where we are and with what we have now.

Let’s move in the direction of our dreams each day, and learn to work with what we have.

Let’s keep dreaming of the horizon, but stop telling ourselves that that’s where our happiness lies.  Our happiness lies within ourselves, so let’s start cultivating it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

follow your passion

Along This Dark Path | We Choose Our Direction

Circumstance isn’t everything.

We all have dreams of what we want our lives to be like, and we all have a certain path we’ve been walking.

We can’t always choose where we start our journey from, but we decide which direction to walk.  If our current lives aren’t reflecting what we value and what we dream of, let’s ask ourselves:

In which direction have we been walking?

Have we been pushing closer to our ideals, or wandering in the opposite direction?

Our ideal lives aren’t going to magically fall into place, we’ll have to put in the legwork and start making choices.  Some choices may hard, and the journey with be difficult, but isn’t living closer to our dreams worth it?

Let’s continually check in with ourselves, our dreams, and ask if we’ve been heading in the direction we want.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fallow Your Path

Landscape photography of the valley and mountains in Divide, Colorado

Start Now | Into the Storm

Life it too short to wait for things to be ‘perfect’ before starting something.

Let’s not wait for a steady job that’ll give us vacation time to take a vacation.  Let’s use that one day off this week to go somewhere, whether just in town or some hours’ drive away.

Let’s not wait to have the highest quality supplies to start creating, but start working with what we have now.

Let’s not wait for certain circumstances to start living the life we want.  The life we dream of isn’t going to just happen, it’s something we have to work toward little by little, day by day.

So let’s stop waiting for the life we want, and start building it right now.

What do you want to do?  What do you dream of?  What small step can you make today to start living it?

Whatever it is, let’s start moving forward and making it happen!


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sunrise Birds

Dragon Valley | Ute Valley Park

Colorado Plains

Landscape photography of a plateau on the Colorado plains

Sometimes you’ll hear people say that only the best photos should be shared.  Even more drastically, that if a photo won’t be your best, then it shouldn’t be created at all.

Personally, I regard that as nonsense.  Although not a fan of bathroom selfies or unintentionally crazy-blurry photos, just because certain scenes and moments can’t be captured at your ‘technical best’ doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken or shared.

Although these photos were taken with a higher ISO than recommended, and are a tad blurry do to flying down the highway at 75mph, that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful or evoke emotion.  They definitely remind me of the beauty around here and inspire hopes to explore the rural side roads at a slower pace one day!

The greenery was especially vivid here (for Colorado), and makes me dream of Ireland.

Let’s not let technical perfection keep us from capturing moments and scenes that inspire us~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photography of the Rocky Mountains

Colorado Traintracks



Passion takes time, and creation takes time, so it’s best we start right away.

When we have work, school, family, friends, and other responsibilities, this can be hard.  When it comes to getting out of bed in the morning, this can be even harder.  Sometimes passion can’t even push us out of bed, and hours are wasted with nothing but oversleeping or staring at the wall.

We can’t fly by the seat of our pants and create if we don’t have our pants on yet.

Fatigue, depression, or simply relishing coziness can keep us in bed, but we can’t create if we don’t get up.  If it’s fatigue or depression, try eating healthier, exercising, and maintaining as regular a sleep schedule as possible.

Let’s keep in mind our passions, and leap out of bed each day ready and eager to create.  If that’s not within reach yet, let’s at least drag ourselves up.  We only have so much time, so we best get started.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Life Happens Into the Light

Inspiration | Firework

Celebration photography of a gold firework.

Inspiration can come out of nowhere with enough force to shake the ground we stand on.  Passion and inspiration is a lot less dangerous than fireworks, though.

Interest in drawing and painting has returned recently, though not with as a concussive bang as explosives.  Career paths aren’t changing, and days and nights aren’t ferociously spent before a drawing board, but it’s nice to enjoy an old hobby.  I’ll be putting these old skills to work soon, as I’m applying to teach classes at a local shop.  In addition to the extra income (however slight), I’m looking forward to the chance to help (and hopefully inspire) those interested in such work.

Whether inspiration comes as a quiet murmur or an explosive bang, let’s enjoy the energy and muse while we can, and make the most of it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography of tree roots exposed along a nature trail. Nature photograph of dogwood flowers.