Red Pass | Mountain Sunset

This gorgeous sunset took over the landscape of Wilkerson Pass last night.

A beautiful view that was almost missed because, as usual, I got lost on some side roads in Pike National Forest.

Planning doesn’t usually go hand-in-hand with my photography style, whether concerning landscapes or portraits.

But when chasing a sunset on unfamiliar dirt roads, a map and some planning could do some good!


Let’s not be afraid to get lost, but let’s be prepared and do a little planning before our photography trips.  Otherwise, we might miss a gorgeous sunset!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

magical landscape of mountains against a golden glow

landscape photography of a magical mountain sunset

Golden Glow | Ice Lake

This gorgeous and moody mountain range was photographed from Wilkerson Pass in Colorado.

Although taken from a pull-off, this road trip made clear the need for a car that can handle all terrain, as some of the best ‘pull-offs’ are definitely not designated.

When us photographers pull off major highways, it helps if we can get back on!

And in the spirit of Ansel Adams, I look forward to spending some time on the roof of a car for a better vantage point, platform or no!

What are some less-obvious necessities that have come up on your photographic travels?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

A restless soul flying over a misty mountain range

landscape photography of a magical mountain pass

Mountain Pass | Of Legends

Sometimes we need to travel far, reach into the past, and look at it with fresh  eyes.

Travel itself, to places we haven’t seen in years, can bring back the past and the pain.

Nature and the expansiveness of the world can be a great healer, but so can the people in our lives now.

So let’s load up the car, settle on a train, and take a trip.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Photography of a clouds against a mountaintop

Twilight Pond | Take Risks in Photography

Photography is a great teacher.

We learn to see, to get out and explore, and we’re also reminded to take risks.

Whether it comes to trying out new subjects, angles, or techniques at the get-go, or trying a new approach in the editing stage, let’s remember to take risks with our photography and our art.  Even if it’s something small, let’s try moving in a different direction.

We won’t grow if we don’t push ourselves and explore beyond our comfort zone.

So let’s get out, travel to new places with our cameras in tow, and see how we can try something new.


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape, fine art photography of a path leading into magical woods

Deer Trail



Although locked closed, this striking green door is just begging to be opened so the old pond house can be explored.

Aged buildings are gorgeous to admire.  Let’s keep our heads up for opportunities to explore the architecture around us.  With the property owner’s permission if entering private property, of course!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Exterior photograph of an abandoned pond house. Forest Textures