Lionheart | Burn With Love

It’s easier said than done, but is still a wonderful practice.  And this practice is to let yourself burn up with love.

Moments can be brief, longer if we’re lucky, but let’s let ourselves burn with love for ourselves and others.  Let’s feel joy in the moment and wish well to ourselves and others, and feel gratitude for what we do have.

Again, easier said than done.  But there’s no denying that there’s a special magic that happens when let ourselves glow with love and gratitude.

How do you work to maintain your inner peace?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Costume: Thrifted
Makeup featuring: Mineral Fusion, Physicians Formula, CoverGirl

Goth beauty portrait

mysterious portrait of a gothic girl in red lace

Lady Death | Portrait

A moody and sensual portrait of Lady Death.

Death, in all it’s forms in our lifetime, is a process and catalyst for change.

Whether through physical death or simply a parting of ways, people will constantly move in and out of our lives.  We’ll grow closer and move further from those we love, and there are those that simply show up and disappear in our lives.

All serve a purpose.

Some teach us to love.  Some to practice patience.  Some teach us what we won’t tolerate in our lives and show us how we never want to act.  Some simply come and go without teaching us much at all.

Death is a constant in our lives.

Let us not grasp too tightly to those we love, and freely release those we do not want in our lives.

We all have our tribe.  Those who do us harm or do not value us have no place in ours.  May they find their own people, but just as well, let’s find our own by boldly showing our truest selves to the world.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

nature photography trees pink purple flowers

Portrait of a girl in lace with roses

Roses | Portrait

We’d do well to learn to love and see the beauty in ourselves.

This is of course, easier said than done.  A good place to start is by expressing and being ourselves, and being less critical of ourselves and our efforts.

A good rule of thumb: treat yourself with the love and compassion you’d treat a dear friend.  Build yourself up, be compassionate, be patient.

Self-portraits can be another way to learn to love ourselves.  As artists, it can of course involve some self-criticism, but it also gives us a chance to really see ourselves, and appreciate our own version of beauty.

So whether we’re taking a more loving and compassionate approach to ourselves, stepping in front of the camera, or both, let’s be kind.  Let’s really try to see ourselves and appreciate the unique beauty we bring to the world.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

moody gothic lolita portrait

gothic fashion self portrait photography


Sky photography of clouds after sunset.

Today we’ve once again felt heartache and been reminded of how death can come in an instant, and how such immense tragedy can take us off-guard.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, not even the next moment.  The only thing we’re promised is the present, so let’s live it wisely.  Let’s choose love, and to never pass up an opportunity to be kind to others.  Surround yourself with gratitude, and radiate compassion.

There’s no such thing as too much kindness in the world, so let’s give life all we have.

Much Love and Keep Roamin’

nature photography trees pink purple flowers The Little Things

Why I Love Nature Photography

Why I Love Nature Photography

Nature photography has grown to be a love of mine since starting this blog.

There are many reasons why this kind of photography has grown on me (despite little sun), including:

  • Fresh air.  We could all do with more fresh air.  Despite my love for it, I spend little time outside, so nature photography is a great and fun way to get myself out into the fresh air.
  • Silence.  We tend to spend a lot of time talking with others, listening to the television, etc., so sometimes it’s good to just step outside and enjoy the natural silence and music of nature.  The singing of birds and whispering of wind in the trees are great forms of silence.
  • Solitude.  Sharing is important to me, but like many, I’m a very anti-social and shy person.  We can spend a lot of time with others, and like silence, solitude is a great thing to enjoy!
  • Nature.  Nature has so much beauty, joy, comfort, and healing to share.  We should spend more time out in it!
  • Sharing.  Nature is something that’s become very important to me this year, so I’m very happy to be able to share the beauty of nature with you!  We live all around the world, and nature photography also gives us the chance to share places and plants that we haven’t seen before.
  • Requirements.  Beautiful results can come from a basic DSLR with a kit lens (maybe even a point-and-shoot), and unlike other kinds of photography, you don’t need props, models, costumes, or paperwork.  Beautiful subjects are also as close as the doorstep!

Nature, and the photography of it, has become a love of mine.  I hope to improve and continue sharing the beautiful views nature has to offer with you!

Nature photography has a lot to offer, so I hope you consider trying it, if you’re not already!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Your Family is Waiting

red thorns dew photography

You have a family that loves you, supports you, and brings you great joy.  Or, maybe you have one that belittles you, frightens you, and hurts you.  Those people aren’t your family.

Family is a gift.  It’s a bond of love and understanding you build with those whom you truly care for and want to be in your life, and you can bet they feel the same about you.

Perhaps your relatives are your family, and that’s great!  And if not, if your relatives hurt you and your bond breaks (or never has a chance to form), then that’s their loss.

You deserve better.  You deserve love.

Even when you feel pain, when you feel surrounded by hatred, anger, and fear, know that your true family is out there.

Somewhere out in the world is a group of people waiting to give you love, support, and understanding, and you’ll give it right back.  They’ll bring you more joy than you ever thought possible, and you will feel warmth only a true family can bring.

So while your tears, raise your head and keep going.  There’s a family out there waiting for you with open arms, and they can’t wait to meet you.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’