Her Eyes | Self-Portrait Photography

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Remember that we don’t need a lot of money to enjoy and create amazing things.

A kit lens, cheap lights, costumes and accessories from thrift shops, drugstore makeup, and modeling for yourself can go a long way.

Let’s not get caught up in what’s ‘trending’ and expensive.  Let’s get lost in our art instead.


Princess | Fantasy Portrait

A quick self-portrait of a young maiden, photographed in the studio to practice makeup artistry.

Although using false lashes, a subtle yet very beautiful look was the goal, and I’m quite happy with the royal image!

This photoshoot was put together purely to practice with makeup, but ended up being a good opportunity to practice and explore with a slightly different editing style, as this time I used handmade textures and was aiming for a painterly look.


Let’s always take the opportunity to practice and wander in a new direction!

What have you been hoping to practice lately?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Featured Makeup: Physicians Formula, Mineral Fusion, and Almay.
Crown: Handmade

fantasy self portrait of a candlelit nymph

Dark fantasy portrait

Red Vixen

Model: Red Vixen

Sometimes we need to branch out from what we’re used to doing.  Experimentation can lead to new passions or at least a new set of challenges and experiences.

Although beauty style shoots aren’t a passion, they draw my interest every once in a while.

Photographed after shooting Gothic Wallflower, because it’s often worth trying to shoot different styles during the same shoot.  Why not take advantage of the full makeup and costume to try something new?

Let’s keep playing, exploring, testing, and creating freely.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Gothic Portrait | Red Lace
Fantasy self portrait

Still | Push Forward

Portrait photography is such a gorgeous and fun art.  Like any art, it takes practice and requires pushing to learn new skills, tools, and techniques.

Something that I’ve been quite shy about doing lately, even though it’s becoming evident that things are plateauing.


Photography that’s more dynamic, with different lighting, props, and even ‘sets’ to add depth and context have long been the dream, and a huge source of clutter!

Though despite more supplies than I’d like, anxiety keeps saying that I’m not ready, there’s not enough to work with, there’s not enough space, etc.

 But it’s really fear of failure.

What if I put together a gorgeous set, but can’t get a good photo?  Or what if I can’t create and dress a set at all?

Fear likes to sit in the back of our minds and keep us from pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and routine, in or out of the studio.  We should remember that it’s okay to be afraid, that failure is a GOOD thing, and that we should never let fear keep us from moving forward.

If we’re really worried, then study, plan.  Let’s put forth our best effort, jump into new territory, and not be afraid to stumble.  Let’s embrace the scrapes on our knees, they’ll help us remember not to fall next time.

Hopefully the stash of supplies and props that’s been growing these past few years will soon be put to use, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the blunders along the way!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Cosplay self portrait. Un autoportrait photographique


Initially, this shoot was to not only practice more with makeup and editing, but to try photographing reflections in eyes using a tutorial by the wonderful Jean Fan.  Her work is gorgeous, and I definitely recommend checking it out!

Working alone in the studio with a flash gun, things didn’t go as planned!  I’ll have to find someone to practice that technique with, but this still proved a good time to practice altering the flash umbrella’s reflection in eyes.

A large paper star was held up to block some of the light, and although the shape didn’t come out clearly, it still resulted in a cool starburst of light that would be awesome to replicate in the future!

Also, aloe vera gell works wonderfully for adhering glitter to eyelids!  Not sure if it would exactly last a day, but it’s a great alternative to makeup adhesive if you’d like to give it a try!

Let’s keep practicing with new skills and techniques, and not be afraid to fail.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self-portrait fashion photograph

Self portrait photography of an elven maiden character in the studio.


…I’ve been watching a lot of Game of Thrones and drag shows lately.

Not that this was at all inspired by either of those things…


The studio has recently become home to a new flash gun, and this is the product of my first time shooting with a two-light setup!

In addition to having a bit of trouble getting them both to fire at the same time, trying to set up the umbrellas without being in the shot has proven twice as difficult as usual.

It will definitely pay to look up some two-light diagrams other photographers have been using, perhaps before getting the camera out…

Let’s keep practicing with our gear and technique, and not be afraid to get all dressed up like a Queen!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self portrait photography of an elven maiden character in the studio.

Portrait photography using a plant as a frame

Elven Maiden

Fun in the studio taking some latex elf ears for a spin!  Also took the opportunity to practice contouring with makeup, and it seems makeup needs to be a bit drastic to register on camera.

Fantasy portraits has been becoming a growing interest, and the dream is to photograph costumed models, reenactors, cosplayers, and larpers out in the beautiful scenery.  But for now, continued practice in the studio wouldn’t hurt!  Perhaps some sets will get put up in here soon…

If you’re a lover of costumes and fantasy brought to life, I hope you’ll stick around for future shoots mixed into the beautiful outdoors!

Let’s keep ourselves inspired and practicing our crafts, no matter how many passions tug at our heartstrings.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self portrait photography of a character in a red cloak and shrouded in darkness

Self-portrait photography. Une photographie autoportrait.