The Restless | Wanderer

Some of us struggle immensely with a restless soul.

We feel that life is passing us by, that we’re not living the life we’re meant to live, meeting the people we’re meant to meet, creating the things we’re meant to create.

Perhaps we’re just adventurers, who love the new sights and smells of travel.

Or perhaps it’s a little deeper than that.

Maybe we’re unhappy, our soul is in pain, and we hope and believe that this pain will stop when the circumstances are right.  We believe we’ll finally be happy if we can just find the ‘right’ city, the ‘right’ career, the ‘right’ family.

But we have to remember that our souls are in pain because we haven’t learned how to create happiness where we are, that we are restless because we keep trying to run away.

We are restless.  We need to feed our souls, and if that means new travels, hobbies, and family, then that’s okay.  But we also have to learn to feed our souls where we are and with what we have now.

Let’s move in the direction of our dreams each day, and learn to work with what we have.

Let’s keep dreaming of the horizon, but stop telling ourselves that that’s where our happiness lies.  Our happiness lies within ourselves, so let’s start cultivating it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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Mysterious Burned Forest

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This moody, misty forest was photographed while exploring one of the hiking trails at Blodgett Peak.

This path eventually leads us along the trees burned years ago by a forest fire.

On this foggy morning, it looked absolutely beautiful but horrible, inspiring yet sobering.

Let’s get out and explore, we never know what we’ll find!


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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A vivid green forest

Landscape photo of a magically lit forest.

Among the Gods

Sunrise photographed in the magical Garden of the Gods park in Colorado.

The beauty and magic of Nature always manages to surprise and inspire!  Sunrises are particularly beautiful, though a bit harder to catch if you’re a night owl.

They are often worth it, though, and mornings offer a chance to catch magical mist hanging around the landscape before it’s burned off by the Sun.

Whether we’re night owls or not, let’s try to get up to enjoy the sunrise every once in a while, and let Nature get us recharged and ready for a new day of creation!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sunrise photography

Landscape photography of geese at sunrise

Misty Mountain Cliffs

It’s incredible how gorgeous and mysterious mountains and trees are when surrounded by mist and clouds!

Photographing nature in it’s moodier moments brings such a thrill, like watching an intriguing fantasy movie.

Bringing more fantastic, moody, and magical elements into my photography has become a goal, and it’s been quite an interesting and exciting journey so far!


What’s your favorite mood to capture and create in your photos?

A natural feel?  Something light and uplifting?  Dark and broody?


Whatever currently pulls on our hearts, let’s continue to follow with enthusiasm!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photography of a moody mountain sunset.

Sunrise photography

Misty Mountaintop

Sometimes we end up doing something stupid for the sake of photography.

Like running up a snow-covered trail in flip flops to get a shot of the clouds.

Footwear-wise: 0/5, would not recommend!

But sometimes we’ve got to get outside, and fast.  In such cases, perhaps we’re better off with some snow-boots we can easily throw on?


What stupid things have you done for your photography?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Close-up photograph of snow blowing across a mountain.

Landscape photography of a mountainside on cloudy morning

Misty Autumn Forest | Resistance

Resistance can have a big impact on our lives.

It keeps us in a rut, automatically following the same well-worn paths we’ve been walking for so long.

When ever we want to change for the better (which is hopefully often!), resistance is there to meet us.

Do we let it stop us?


Realistically…it’s at least going to put up a fight.  And that’s our cue to acknowledge our resistance to change, and push forward anyway.

The first hurdles are always the hardest.  We need to jump over them anyway.  We’ll slip, we’ll fall back into our old routine, but each time we need to get back up and move forward.

Habits take time to dismantle and recreate, but it can be done!

How do you want to change yourself for the better?  What goals are you working on, and what new habits are you trying to instill?  How do you overcome resistance?

Let’s keep our goals and values in mind, and keep moving forward!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Deer Trail

Landscape photography of foggy mountains.