Among the Gods

Sunrise photographed in the magical Garden of the Gods park in Colorado.

The beauty and magic of Nature always manages to surprise and inspire!  Sunrises are particularly beautiful, though a bit harder to catch if you’re a night owl.

They are often worth it, though, and mornings offer a chance to catch magical mist hanging around the landscape before it’s burned off by the Sun.

Whether we’re night owls or not, let’s try to get up to enjoy the sunrise every once in a while, and let Nature get us recharged and ready for a new day of creation!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sunrise photography

Landscape photography of geese at sunrise

Field Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise the other morning!  Deep blues and wispy clouds are such a favorite!

Sunrise | Clouds Like Ink

Although this one is blurry and was shot handheld to test the exposure, I really like it.  The blur works with the moody blues, and I especially like the wispy clouds on the right.  They’re very reminiscent of ink clouds in water.

Definitely a beautiful start to the day!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sky and weather photograph of clouds at dusk. Sky photography of clouds after sunset.

Morning Clouds | A Positive Start

Sky and weather photograph  of clouds at dusk.

Being awake early in the morning and being able to see the sun rise is so invigorating.  My most positive, productive, and energized days are always those which began by waking up early, and catching at least a glimpse of the morning sky.

Despite the immense benefits, though, the morning is something rarely experienced.  Often I’m not able to get out of bed until the early afternoon, if not much later.  This means the day is started with less than positive feelings.  I wake up feeling guilt, shame, and anger towards myself, and usually cement the grouchy start to the day afternoon with a self-criticizing commentary of how lazy, incompetent, and childish I am.

It’s well discussed in living-well books of all kinds that it pays to be kind to yourself.  That goes not only for eating well and incorporating a sleep/rise schedule, but actually being nice to yourself.  Kindness isn’t just for others.

I’ve long wanted to make early-rising an everyday thing, and it’s worth remembering that getting angry and putting myself down isn’t going to make that goal any easier to achieve.

No matter our goals, whether to start waking up early, get a higher position at work, or spend more time on what matters to us, let’s remember to be kind to ourselves.  Let’s not criticize our efforts, or lack thereof, or shower ourselves with negative commentary.  Let’s give ourselves the same kindness and compassion we’d give a loved one trying to achieve a goal of their own.  If our friend stumbles, I doubt we’d get angry and put them down.  We’d offer our support and encourage them to keep trying.

To early-rising, and any other goals we may have!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sunrise Birds Pinetree Dew

Early Morning

Sunrises are beautiful, and there is such a feeling of peace and contentment that comes with watching the sky grow light and the day begin.

Not everyone is a morning person in the same way.  Some are just waking up, and some are just going to bed.

Whether we’re rising for the day or falling into sleep, let’s enjoy the peace and quiet, and have a good morning.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

fall ground tree roots photography fallen tree earth photography

Purple Morning

Purple Morning

Waking up early often leaves me feeling more positive, present, and content for the whole day.

It’s wonderful to wake up early and see the sky growing lighter as the sun rises and hear the birds chirping.

Despite these wonderful things, I don’t like waking up early.  I’m a night owl, and it’s hard to drag yourself out of bed when you’re feeling blue.

Getting up with an alarm hasn’t been going well, so instead, I stayed up until sunrise.  I’ve heard photographers rave about morning light, and it definitely is beautiful for photography.

I hope to spend more mornings stumbling around outside.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’