Woven Stone | Texture

Texture detail photography

Close-up photo of the texture of a stone.

Nature is full of fascinating texture.  These boulders have a raised pattern that’s reminiscent of woven wool or wicker.  Maybe even of a spider web in places.

There are many places in the world famous for their unique rock formations, but there are plenty of beautiful and interesting textures to see everywhere, famed or not.

Let’s keep our eyes open for the extraordinary sights just beyond our front steps.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Textured Blue Stepping Stone Texture

Needles and Moss

Pine Needles and Moss

Given how dry Colorado tends to be, I was quite surprised to find such vivid green moss.  Close-up views of moss are common around here on Roman Leaf, though pine needles are a first.  They definitely have their own unique beauty, and there’s plenty of dropped needles around here to admire and photograph as the season changes.

Close-up photography is a tremendous joy, and hopefully some even closer views will be possible soon.  Macro lenses are expensive, though it may be possible to get more detailed shots by shooting through a magnifying glass.  Definitely cheaper, and worth some experimentation!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Spring Seeds Beauty

Tranquil Stream

Nature photography of grass after rain.

Nature photography of a steam.

An overcast day is perfect to for a hike close to home.  Not only was the light diffused and temperatures cool, but the recent rain and persistent fog brought out the colors of nature beautifully and beaded plants with dew.

Due to the weather not being as sunny as usual, the trails were quiet except for a few visitors.  Fresh air, solitude, silence, and cool temperatures?  A wonderful way to start the day!

This immensely tranquil stream passes through the trail, though a small side path takes you along it for more serene and photogenic views.  The sound of running water is so relaxing, especially when you don’t accidentally startle any predatory wildlife.  (Although I did have the pleasure of seeing a gorgeous bobcat on the hunt last week.)

Let’s enjoy nature, rain or shine, and not be afraid to wonder off the beaten path once in a while.  (So long as we can find our way back.)

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Stream Waterfalls Floating Leaves

Twisted Bark

Nature photo of the texture of tree bark.

It’s such a wonderful thing to get out to enjoy fresh air and nature.

Saying it’s merely calming to walk about in nature would be an understatement.  It’s cleansing to take a natural path, and step through trees, flowers, and shrubbery.

Provided we don’t get lost.  That’s a little less relaxing.

Whether nature is available to use in the form of a yard, lot, city park, trail, or all around, let’s get out and enjoy the beauty and relaxing views that nature provides.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Splinters Tree Stump Texture

Beauty is Everywhere


Starting in July or August, photography here on Roman Leaf may be quite different.  We’re leaving the vivid greens of Pennsylvania and moving to the rocky earth tones of Colorado.  Despite my love for the beauty surrounding PA, I’m definitely excited to move back to Colorado.

Memory has me picturing pine trees, short cacti, dirt, rock, and lots of brush.  Very different from what we’ve been admiring here these past few years, but I’m so excited for the beauty in the different landscape.

The sunsets and sunrises are the most vivid memory of our soon-to-be new home, as well as the incredible feeling of awe experienced when near the base of the mountain range.

I’m too excited for words, and I’m extremely happy and honored to take you all with me as we explore this new landscape in the near future!

Let’s always remember that no matter how different the sight, there is beauty to be found everywhere.  Beauty is not confined to any location.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Swirled Vine Beauty

Make Time for Happiness

Spring Seeds

It’s incredibly important to make time for the things that make us happy.  Even if it’s something small like having tea outside, morning yoga, or reading.

It’s too easy for things to get lost in the business of the day, but moments that bring us joy aren’t something we should put off.

Let’s hold dear those things that make us happy, and make time for them.  We contribute so much more to the world when we’re happy and inspired to do our best.

Happiness is contagious, so let’s take care of ourselves and spread the joy around.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Happiness Flying Geese at Sunset

Textured Moss Covered Stump

Tree Stump Moss Texture

There has been an abundance of pinks this spring to admire, but of course there are plenty of gorgeous greens as well.  In addition to blooming flowers, tree bark and moss are such beautiful subjects to admire and photograph.

The soft and plushy look of some mosses go well with the rugged texture of bark.

Let’s keep our eyes open when we’re out in the forest, and not just for bears!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fallen Tree spring moss close-up photography