Always on the Move

Landscape photograph of clouds around the Rock Mountains near sunset.

Life is always moving and changing, just look at the passing clouds, falling leaves, and around our homes.

Interests come and go, and as mentioned before, sometimes they come back around.  Old hobbies can be picked up again, flowers will bloom next year, and old friendships may be rekindled.

Let’s make the most of what brings us joy while we have it.  Life will continue to change, so let’s make the most of every moment and every interest.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photography of the Rocky Mountains Sunset photography of the sun silhouetting mountains


Sunset Peak

Time is constantly flowing, and it can be hard to use wisely.

Time-managment isn’t a strong skill for many of us, myself included.  It can be hard to focus and prioritize our daily activities when we have work, family to care for, piles of books we want to read, homes to maintain.  The list goes on, and probably includes social media, tv, or gaming.

Books on time management abound, and it’s definitely a beneficial skill to develop.  We can learn to keep better track of our time, focus on what’s most important, and be able to keep our commitments.  Like updating a blog, perhaps!

Let’s start developing our time management skills, whether we dive into books or a few articles on the web.  Time is valuable and always on the move, so let’s learn to use it more effectively and enjoyably!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Nature photography of new green plants Spring Seeds

Rocky Mountains

Landscape photography of the Rocky Mountains

Photograph of the Rocky Mountains with Pike’s Peak bringing up the rear.  Harsh midday light isn’t the most flattering, but the view from the valley was too beautiful to pass up!  It’s always interesting to see the shadows of clouds playing across the landscape.

Let’s get out and enjoy the view, provided we’re not driving.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Sunset photography of the sun silhouetting mountains Blue Colorado Sunset