The Weight of the World

Nature photograph of a rusted watering surrounded by green sprouts.  Blog post about minimalism.

It’s not always clear how much weight we carry around on our shoulders.  Things get a little clearer those weekends when we clean out the garage/closet/basement/what have you.

Things get crystal clear when we empty our home to move.

When we’re clearing out part or all of our homes, it becomes very clear how much we own, and we get a glimpse at the energy and time they take up.  Things have to be cleaned, repaired, stored, moved to fit more things.  If they’ve reached the end of their lives with us, we must decide where they go next.  A friend, buyer, thrift store… the dump?

We own so much stuff, and how much of it is really necessary?  If not necessary, how much actually contributes to our lives?  Do we really want those posters we keep rolled up in the closet?  Do we really enjoy those DVDs we only watch once a year?  What about all the pots and pans we never use, the clothes we never wear, the blankets that never get snuggled?

If we were moving on short notice, how long would it take to get our things together?  Would we need a moving truck, a cab, or a few friends willing to carry some boxes?  It’s not necessarily how much we own that’s important.  It’s how much we need, use, and truly appreciate.  If our homes burned down, what would we miss the most?  What’s really important to us?

Trust me, I’m terribly guilty of keeping things that don’t actively serve a purpose.  Even after sorting through already reduced possessions to prepare for the move, there were still a lot of clothes, jewelry, props, etc. that were packed to be used one day.

It’s a hard habit to break.  We like to collect.  We like to be prepared.  But once in a while, let’s look around our homes and ask ourselves how much weight we’re carrying on our shoulders.

Let’s take the time to let go of what we don’t want or need, and to appreciate the things we do.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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