Orange Glow | Super Moon

This was taken within a few days of this year’s Super Moon, this time with some gorgeous clouds in play and a little foreground in the form of a slight silhouette.

Clouds can be a photographer’s best friend!  They add interest, diffuse light, and bring a little something extra~


Let’s remember to not get discouraged by less-than-awesome shots, and to not be afraid to reshoot!

Let’s find our lesson, and move forward with a little more knowledge and experience.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’
Landscape photography of the Wolf Moon behind a tree.

Blue and cloudy morning sky

Caught in Time

This is an old one, shot for a project for the Artistic Portrait Photography course taken earlier this year.

This portrait never got edited, as it wasn’t a favorite in the archives, but I decided to take another look at it!  It proved good practice for editing, though corrective editing is something I prefer to keep to a minimum.

Definitely a reminder to practice portraits with a wider aperture, as well as  to pay more attention to lighting.  Under-eye bags aren’t a friend to overhead lighting without some bounce to fill in shadows!

The more we pay attention to details before and during a shoot, the less we’ll have to fix later.


Let’s take a look through our old files now and then, and see what old pieces was can pick up and finish.

There’s lots to be learned from our older works!  Let’s see what we don’t like, what could be fixed, and what we need to remember for the next project.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Self portrait photography of an elven maiden character in the studio.

Still | Push Forward

Portrait photography is such a gorgeous and fun art.  Like any art, it takes practice and requires pushing to learn new skills, tools, and techniques.

Something that I’ve been quite shy about doing lately, even though it’s becoming evident that things are plateauing.


Photography that’s more dynamic, with different lighting, props, and even ‘sets’ to add depth and context have long been the dream, and a huge source of clutter!

Though despite more supplies than I’d like, anxiety keeps saying that I’m not ready, there’s not enough to work with, there’s not enough space, etc.

 But it’s really fear of failure.

What if I put together a gorgeous set, but can’t get a good photo?  Or what if I can’t create and dress a set at all?

Fear likes to sit in the back of our minds and keep us from pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and routine, in or out of the studio.  We should remember that it’s okay to be afraid, that failure is a GOOD thing, and that we should never let fear keep us from moving forward.

If we’re really worried, then study, plan.  Let’s put forth our best effort, jump into new territory, and not be afraid to stumble.  Let’s embrace the scrapes on our knees, they’ll help us remember not to fall next time.

Hopefully the stash of supplies and props that’s been growing these past few years will soon be put to use, and hopefully you’ll enjoy the blunders along the way!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’


Cosplay self portrait. Un autoportrait photographique


Initially, this shoot was to not only practice more with makeup and editing, but to try photographing reflections in eyes using a tutorial by the wonderful Jean Fan.  Her work is gorgeous, and I definitely recommend checking it out!

Working alone in the studio with a flash gun, things didn’t go as planned!  I’ll have to find someone to practice that technique with, but this still proved a good time to practice altering the flash umbrella’s reflection in eyes.

A large paper star was held up to block some of the light, and although the shape didn’t come out clearly, it still resulted in a cool starburst of light that would be awesome to replicate in the future!

Also, aloe vera gell works wonderfully for adhering glitter to eyelids!  Not sure if it would exactly last a day, but it’s a great alternative to makeup adhesive if you’d like to give it a try!

Let’s keep practicing with new skills and techniques, and not be afraid to fail.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self-portrait fashion photograph

Self portrait photography of an elven maiden character in the studio.

Framed | Pushing Our Comfort Zones

Frustration, and the blues that often follow, are great reminders to keep pushing forward and practicing, no matter how irritated we may become and how much we may question our capacity to learn.

If photographing others makes you nervous, keep trying it.  If flash photography makes you want to put your foot through the wall sometimes, keep practicing with it.  If you’re afraid of working with a model because you’re afraid of wasting their time, work with them anyway.

The point is to keep pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us.  Eventually, the nervousness and fear will subside, and we’ll again find ways to push ourselves.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Old Burn | Brush



From a photography standpoint, I much prefer working with longer hair like this, as there’s more to play with to create different looks and characters.

Some practice outside using a simple backdrop rig and sunlight diffused by the side of the house.  The backdrop ended up being too close, as the blanket texture and folds showed up and needed to be edited out.  The house also threw in an unintended color cast which needed adjustment.

So much to consider, even when working in an outside ‘studio’!  It’s good to pay attention while shooting, so problems like these can be edited in real time instead of later on the computer.

Let’s keep practicing!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self-portrait photography. Une photographie autoportrait.


Looking Forward

Excitement for a new project, hope for a good result, and determination not to stop until you think you’ve got something inspiring are great for eliminating any anxiety.

Normally so nervous about working in the public eye, I spent an hour playing with a sheet in the wind while flanked by houses and a handful of folks running around.  Luckily, everyone went about their business, and didn’t pay much mind!

The new project would be homework for the Artistic Portrait Photography course taught by Zhang Jingna, a fabulous photographer that’s served as inspiration for years.

Education is so important, and it doesn’t require getting a degree.  If there’s something you want to study, check local libraries and online book stores, online and local colleges for courses, art galleries that offer classes,  and local people willing to teach.  And of course there’s a growing number of online resources that offer free tutorials as well as paid courses!

Let’s keep learning, practicing, overcoming anxieties, and as always, seeing the beauty around us!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self-portrait photography. Une photographie autoportrait.

Sunset | Expectations