Pained | Light Test

Pained | Self-Portrait Test  Pained | Self-Portrait Light Test

Some very informal practice and testing this morning.  Window light is always (and quite rightfully) touted as the best light.  It’s soft, it’s free, and as it comes directly from the big star in the sky, it’s eco-friendly and sustainable!  It’s also considered widely available, though when the when the window in your working area is at the bottom of a hole (window-well), and you’re too shy to wander upstairs or outside, that last part isn’t so true.

This was taken as close to the window as I could get while nearly facing it, with the camera and 55mm lens as far in front as my little arms could reach.  Definitely not enough room to use a longer lens if facing the window, let alone get more then a thin frame of a face.  Perhaps I can get something to work by standing next to it, though from the bottom photo, you can see that a LOT of light is lost.

I’ll need to work up the courage to venture upstairs where there’s plenty of light, it seems…

Any tips for overcoming shyness when standing before the camera in places other folks might be passing by?  The thought’s enough to keep me hiding in a dark hole, evidently!

To practice, experimentation, and to hopefully finding the courage to face the sunlight..!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Self-Portrait Gather



Self portraits have long held a huge draw, though they bring their own sets of challenges.  It’s far easier to be behind the camera instead of in front of it, not just because of technical challenges, but also personal challenges like shyness and self-criticism.

Although I do adore edited photography, portraits are so much more beautiful and relatable when there’s less light editing.  In my own opinion, of course!  In my own photos, it poses a challenging choice: Feel embarrassed and self-conscious with no or minimal editing/’fixing’, or endure a very strong and personal sense of guilt and inauthenticity with more heavy-handed processing.

As portrait practice becomes more regular, I hope to find a good place, not just in editing, but in personal challenges, as well!

How do you feel about portraits that you either assume or can tell have been edited/enhanced?  Do you prefer more flawless looks, or those that are more raw and textured?


Until later today!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Reserved Gather


Reserved | Shadow of the Self



In addition to wanting to practice with an external flash and reflector umbrella, it’s been a while since I played with self-portraits.  This dress with a lovely floral pattern provided the perfect inspiration to try some reserved and moody photography.

Strong contrast has always caught my attention, and frustration, as creating such photos hasn’t been practiced very often.  That’ll hopefully change in time, as the sculptural quality of strong light and deep shadows is beautiful and interesting to admire.

Let’s be patient with ourselves as we practice, and continue to explore what catches our imaginations.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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