Abandoned Train Car

This old, decaying train car has been seen around the house for over a decade, as it was one of my mother’s favorite painting subjects.

This beautiful piece of history is only improving with age, and sits high in the mountains of Colorado outside the mining town of Victor.

Ventures out into the mountain and rural life of farms and mining towns are always interesting.  You never know what you’ll find!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Boarded Up Farmhouse

Old Stone Barn

Home Across the Valley

Cozy-looking homes, whether a house on a farm, a downtown apartment, or a brick hideout in the mountains, always inspire hope for having a home of my own one day.

And this home overlooking a valley and an exceptionally gorgeous rock formation is no exception!

Heading down the highway through the mountains of Colorado, you’re guaranteed to see not only some gorgeous scenery, but some comfy-looking homes!

Let’s keep our eyes open for what inspires us, both visually and in regards to our life goals.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Texture detail photography

Textured Boulders

Cripple Creek & Victor Mine

The side of an active mine that sits snuggly between the towns of Cripple Creek and Victor, for which it’s named.

It’s easily visible as you drive between towns, though the mine is much bigger than it seems.

Let’s see the beauty in the ugly.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Pikes Peak Western Farm

Landscape photography of the snowy Rocky Mountains during sunset.

Barn | Rock Ledge Ranch

Updates here on Roman Leaf are going to continue to be sporadic.  Along with getting some things in life together and back on track, I’m hoping to spend more time creating images, crafting, and enjoying the outdoors.

As things wind down, as they eventually will, hopefully a schedule will be put back in place.  Thanks for bearing with me!

In the spirit of exploration and good old quality time with nature, a new path in Garden of the Gods was explored, and I ended up on the Rock Ledge Ranch historic site.  Apparently the park area is open for free year round, so you’re able to roam around the stables and take a look at the gorgeous buildings… at least during the off season or when events aren’t going on.  Growing up under the impression that the park always charged admission, this was a terribly wonderful surprise!

Definitely goes to show the importance of exploring and not making assumptions.  Let’s get out and keep exploring.  If there’s a place we’ve been wanting to visit, let’s look into it again.  Better yet, let’s just go!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photograph of an old barn on a ranch in Colorado

Animal and nature photography of a grazing horse.

Colorado Plains

Landscape photography of a plateau on the Colorado plains

Sometimes you’ll hear people say that only the best photos should be shared.  Even more drastically, that if a photo won’t be your best, then it shouldn’t be created at all.

Personally, I regard that as nonsense.  Although not a fan of bathroom selfies or unintentionally crazy-blurry photos, just because certain scenes and moments can’t be captured at your ‘technical best’ doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken or shared.

Although these photos were taken with a higher ISO than recommended, and are a tad blurry do to flying down the highway at 75mph, that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful or evoke emotion.  They definitely remind me of the beauty around here and inspire hopes to explore the rural side roads at a slower pace one day!

The greenery was especially vivid here (for Colorado), and makes me dream of Ireland.

Let’s not let technical perfection keep us from capturing moments and scenes that inspire us~

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Landscape photography of the Rocky Mountains

Colorado Traintracks

Rural Colorado

Landscape photography of rural Colorado

Driving through farmland isn’t always the most exciting, but on occasion you can spot a beautiful barn or farmhouse from the road.

On our road trip back to Colorado from Pennsylvania, there was no shortage of gorgeous old barns, most well warn and falling into disrepair.  It’s hard to properly admire the scenery when you’re driving down the interstate, though.

Luckily, this barn was beside a pull-off in Eastern Colorado, and my travel partner-in-crime was kind enough to let me indulge myself.

Let’s enjoy the scenery when we can, keep our eyes on the road when we should, and travel with those who don’t mind driving part of the way, so we can gaze and photograph to our heart’s content.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Grass Red Barn Colorado Plains