Sketch Ideas | Planning a Photoshoot

We don’t always need to have a concrete idea of what we’re planning for our model and set when going into a photoshoot, especially a casual one, but having at least a good idea is great for getting the creative ball rolling!

There should ideally be room to play when photographing a subject, especially since our original ideas don’t always work out!


This is where sketching comes in!

Even a simple stick figure with notes gets the creative juices flowing, and the more ideas we put to paper, the more we’ll have to play with in the photography studio and the more fleshed out these ideas will be!

We’ll also get a clue as to whether our ideas will actually work!

Wish sketching, we can visualize different lighting, costumes, hair design, backgrounds, set, posing, and crop!


Planning ahead isn’t something I usually do myself, but it’s definitely something I’m trying to get better at!

The more we plan, the easier it is to infuse meaning into our work, and have a variety of options for a more successful shoot!


Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

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