Magical Bridge | Fairytale Landscape

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This beautiful landscape was photographed last Summer at the end of a road trip in the Colorado Mountains.

With the moody clouds and warm glow of the hills, it definitely looked straight out of a fairy tale!


Sometimes it takes a road trip to remind us that sometimes the best views are at home.

Let’s keep traveling, near and far, but remember to appreciate the beauty in the everyday.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Garden of the Gods photography
Fantasy landscape photography of a magical autumn forest with rays of sunlight

Light Through | Manitou Cliff Dwellings

Today we found ourselves over at the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, which features a recreation of Anasazi architecture built into the cliff, a museum, and a pretty sweet gift shop.

Definitely recommend visiting places like this closer to the off-season for some extra personal space and quiet, but visiting museums, historical sites and recreations are always worth it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Barn | Rock Ledge Ranch

Landscape photography on a historical ranch home to reenactors

Home Across the Valley

Cozy-looking homes, whether a house on a farm, a downtown apartment, or a brick hideout in the mountains, always inspire hope for having a home of my own one day.

And this home overlooking a valley and an exceptionally gorgeous rock formation is no exception!

Heading down the highway through the mountains of Colorado, you’re guaranteed to see not only some gorgeous scenery, but some comfy-looking homes!

Let’s keep our eyes open for what inspires us, both visually and in regards to our life goals.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Texture detail photography

Textured Boulders

Like the Sea

Like the Sea

These beautifully textured boulders always remind me of the bottom of the sea, and spark daydreams of what it was like when this place was covered by ocean.

A great reminder to visit some local parks to search for shark teeth!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Texture detail photography

Sandstone Floor

Sandstone | Ute Valley Park

Sandstone Floor

Nature photography of sandstone

If you’re ever in the Colorado Springs area, I highly recommend a visit to Ute Valley Park.    It’s a gorgeous park in it’s own right, and also has some lovely views of Pike’s Peak!  Trails take you through brush, wooded areas, and possibly the most popular, along the various sandstone formations.

There are trails for the usual hiking and running, though it’s very popular for biking as well, and there’s even an area where climbers are able to practice (not the cliff face, but a large formation on the west side).

Blodgett Peak nearby as well, so why not take a few days to explore them both?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Nature photography of trees surrounding a metal bridge in a Colorado Springs Park. Warm Memories

New Things | Fear

Jasper Aventurine Hamsa Necklace Close

Semiprecious stones, as well as stones in general, have become an increasing interest, especially when it comes to the idea of using them for handmade jewelry.

Despite enthusiasm and inspiration, the beads and stones collected over the past few months just lingered in piles around the house.  It’s so much easier and safer just to think about doing something than to actually try.  What if we fail?  What if we’re not as creative as we’d hoped?  What if it turns out we don’t like this new interest after all, and we’ve collected all these things for nothing?

It’s easy to fear the unknown and the untested, but we shouldn’t let our anxiety stall us from trying something new.  Or even trying something we’re experienced with.  Even for lifelong painters, the blank canvas can still be intimidating.

Let’s not let fear and anxiety keep us from diving into new interests.  We may find a new passion, a new hobby, or not.  But we won’t know until we push ourselves to try and experiment.  It may help keep anxieties to a minimum if we limit how many tools/supplies/etc we get in preparation for this new adventure.  Not only can it reduce financial loss if it doesn’t work out, but we’ll feel less pressure.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Amethyst Pendant Necklace Wire Wrapped River Rock

Woven Stone | Texture

Texture detail photography

Close-up photo of the texture of a stone.

Nature is full of fascinating texture.  These boulders have a raised pattern that’s reminiscent of woven wool or wicker.  Maybe even of a spider web in places.

There are many places in the world famous for their unique rock formations, but there are plenty of beautiful and interesting textures to see everywhere, famed or not.

Let’s keep our eyes open for the extraordinary sights just beyond our front steps.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Textured Blue Stepping Stone Texture