Old Rock Wall | Look Closer

Forest photography of fallen trees on an old stone wall.

Already a very lush place, this town park in Pennsylvania featured a boardwalk through nearby woodland that was bursting with especially vivid greens.

Home to a peaceful stream that fed the enormous amount of greens, it also seems to have been home to something else.  It wasn’t until later that it became clear that beneath the fallen trees was an old rock wall, perhaps part of a home at one point.

A good reminder to look closer at our surroundings in the present.  Should we find something interesting, it’s better to notice it when we’re able to feed our curiosity and explore, than later when we’re not.

Let’s keep our eyes open for whatever curiosities may be hidden around us, and take the opportunity to explore and look closer.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Exterior photograph of an abandoned pond house. Urban photography of a cozy side street.

Hanging To-Do List

To-Do List Wall Hanging

To-Do List Wall Hanging Close-Up  To-Do List Wall Hanging Close-Up 2

This hanging to-do list serves as a more colorful replacement for a calendar.

The decorative paper was found on clearance, and it’s hung with red yarn and string I had on hand.  Scrap paper serves as the actual list on each banner, which was cut using a second-hand corner punch.  Using pencil will help extend the list’s life, but when they get too ratty, the white pieces will be recycled/upcycled some other way and replaced.

As much as I love the the photographs in calendars, this will hopefully be a better alternative.

In addition to  brightening up the wall and making the tasks for each day more appealing, structure and routine are supposed to help in managing depression.  For the sake of easy wins, the first things listed are simple things that I normally do anyway.

Simple wins are good.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Wall Flowers Close-up Teapot Wall Decor Bow

Upcycled Wall Decor

Upcycled Wall Polka Dots

Wall Flowers Close-up

There’s nothing wrong with paint, to each their own, but when it comes to adding color around the house, I’d rather my decor options were a little more eco-friendly and removable.

Currently one wall is partially decorated with some circles punched from colorful cardboard packaging.  Cardboard and paper packaging with designs and colors we like are everywhere, and probably wrap the things we already buy.  So take a second look at what you toss in the recycling bin.

Held up with just a bit of tape, they’re a great alternative to paint when it comes to adding a little color and design to a wall!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Thrifted Decor Teapot Wall Decor Close-up

Bits of Green

Bits of Green

Vivid colors contrasting against dark tones are hard not to shoot, especially when leaves are involved.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Green Cracks in Stone Spring Forest

Green Cracks in Stone

Green Cracks in Stone

These old bricks help support an abandoned bridge that passes over a current train station.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

snake plant detail nature leaves photography Green Leaves