Moving Forward

Moving Forward

When just going through the motions, we’re bound to make progress, but things can progress so much faster when backed by the force of passion and enthusiasm.

Let’s find the time to foster our passions, and spend less time with what completely sucks not only our time but our energy.

Let’s keep pushing forward with passion in our hearts and progress on the horizon.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

nature, photography, photograph, leaf, ground Beauty

Tranquil Stream

Nature photography of grass after rain.

Nature photography of a steam.

An overcast day is perfect to for a hike close to home.  Not only was the light diffused and temperatures cool, but the recent rain and persistent fog brought out the colors of nature beautifully and beaded plants with dew.

Due to the weather not being as sunny as usual, the trails were quiet except for a few visitors.  Fresh air, solitude, silence, and cool temperatures?  A wonderful way to start the day!

This immensely tranquil stream passes through the trail, though a small side path takes you along it for more serene and photogenic views.  The sound of running water is so relaxing, especially when you don’t accidentally startle any predatory wildlife.  (Although I did have the pleasure of seeing a gorgeous bobcat on the hunt last week.)

Let’s enjoy nature, rain or shine, and not be afraid to wonder off the beaten path once in a while.  (So long as we can find our way back.)

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Stream Waterfalls Floating Leaves

Stream Waterfalls

Stream Waterfalls

A walk in nature is always a good way to spend time.  This stream runs through a nearby forest, and although small, this section of it is littered with waterfalls.

A hike, no matter the time or distance, is always beneficial.  Let’s step out, breathe some fresh air, and wake up the best way we can.  Without tea, anyway.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Roots Touch Water Floating Leaves

Leaves in Stream

Floating Leaves

Let’s get out and enjoy nature more, even when it starts to get cold.  Enjoying the beauty of nature does the mind good.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

dirt earth macro photography Fall Forest

Things Change

fall leaves river photographyWhether it’s a loved one passing, a passion that’s faded, or a night-owl braving the sunrise, things change.

Learn to expect it, embrace it, and appreciate it.  The changes in life shake things up, kick you out of your comfort zone, teach you something, and bring you to a stronger version of yourself.

The road can hurt, be uncomfortable, and be a lonely journey, but changes always come with a beautiful sunrise.

Life is about change, growth, death and rebirth.  Take each step forward, be brave, and raise your head to see the gold of the sun.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’