Blue Leather | Dark Fashion Portrait

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There is always beauty in darkness, besides a good set of black lingerie.

What’s your favorite fashion staple?


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Blue Witch | Self-Portrait

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Blue is style, not in spirit.

What color uplifts your soul?


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Her Silence | Moody Portrait

I recently discovered and have found myself so inspired by the gorgeous work of Rebecca M. Fotografie!

Such magical work, she’s definitely inspired me to try to be more daring and creative in the future, and to try new color palettes.

What are you favorite artists?

Let’s keep our eyes open for new artists and work to lift us up and challenge us to try new things in our photography and life.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy portrait photography of a horned nymph

Fantasy self portrait

Autumn Witch | Portrait

Model: Yasae

A fantasy inspired portrait out in nature, using the natural backdrop and some thrifted tulle for a mysterious, witchy feel!

This ‘cowl’ is actually a handmade petticoat tied around the model’s shoulders.


Props and costumes can be used in many ways, so let’s not get stuck only using items for their intended purpose!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Fantasy portrait photography with a witch theme

Fantasy studio portrait of a medieval character

Open Book

Photographed in the same session as The Sword, this is a good example of variety put in practice.

Going into the studio, this was the original concept I wanted to shoot.  The Sword was added in for variety in case this image didn’t come out, and it ended up being my favorite shot instead!

Of course, there were several other variations and additions, but these two are the only ones that made it to the final pass!


Let’s remember to try new things, add variations and extra concepts into the shoot as a fallback, and remember that not every image needs to make it off the ‘cutting room floor’!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Dress and lace top: thrifted
Necklace, bracers, and ring: Handmade
Thrifted and aged by hand, ‘bound’ with leather from a thrifted coat

fantasy portrait photography of a Doe Nymph and Spring Goddess

Fantasy studio portrait of a medieval character

Solemn Witch

Fantasy portrait of a witch

I recently did a location shoot with the lovely Yasae!  You can find more from her here (NSFW).


Although this is only one set from the shoot, it’s a great reminder of finding more variety, even within photo sets!

I loved both, and took a slightly different editing approach to each photo, but when putting together a portfolio, variety is key!

With these images being to similar, they wouldn’t both make it into a portfolio.

But, alas, sometimes it’s hard to choose!


Let’s keep variety in mind, especially when deciding which photos to bring to edit.  We’re often better off choosing a single favorite out of similar photographs, than finishing and publishing several.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Alternative fashion portrait

Fantasy boudoir portrait