Wooden Ladder | Memories

Wooden Ladder | Memories

The last photograph of a much-loved wooden ladder.  A present to my parents when they were married, this old ladder accompanied our family for decades.

We were unable to bring it with us this past move, and although I would’ve preferred to leave it on the edge of the forest to bring some joy to a new family, it ended up curbside.

Even without the ladder at present, it still brings a peaceful smile to my face.  I’ll probably always remember it sitting against the tree in the shade of the forest, growing older and warping as the seasons changed.

It’s a good reminder that memories outlive their physical selves, and that we don’t need to cling to things to hold onto memories.  While physical objects can serve as lovely reminders, they’re not always necessary.

We don’t forget loved ones when they pass on.  We don’t forget the taste of a perfect meal once we’ve finished eating.  You catch my drift.

It’s no big deal to keep some things because of sentimental value or shared memories.  But as with everything, balance is best kept in mind.  Having just moved a while back, it’s shocking to see what someone can amass and refuse to abandon because of memories or sentimental value.

Some encourage us to keep everything: our baby toys, blankets, clothes that no longer fit, china we never use, the list goes on.

When cleaning house, or just taking stock of what we own and want to own, let’s remember that our loved ones won’t turn in their graves if we donate the china, and we won’t forget our childhood if we donate our baby toys.

Our lives should be filled with what actively brings us joy, and with actual living.  Memories make the best collection.  They take up less space, don’t need to be dusted, and don’t have the itch of the hated sweater your aunt gave you for the holidays.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Nature photograph of flowers and a green forest Snow on Ladder