Into the Woods | Before and After

‘Before’ is used rather liberally, as it’s not a true out of camera (OOC) screen grab.

When images are pulled off the camera, they’re sifted through and the initial edits are immediately made, to get a good ‘base’ to work from later.  This initial edit usually includes contrast, white balance, and black-point editing, and is then saved into a queue of all the other images that need to be edited for a second round before sharing.

This first image is the photo after the first editing pass.

Before and after editing of a fine art landscape photograph of a woodland path.

The second shows the final version after more extensive editing, including multiple layers, further adjustments regarding contrast, color, lighting, and vignetting.

If you’d be interested in a more in-depth look into the process, please let me know!  Keeping a record of actual steps taken as well as showing actual OOC shots are definitely an area of interest, so expect to see some in the future!

If you have any ideas or suggestions of things you’d like to see, please leave a comment!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’Photography of a path reminiscent of a fairytale

Landscape photography of a trail in Rock Ledge Ranch.

Back in the Woods

Sorry for the small  break!  Everything is back where it needs to be and in working order, so we’ll get caught up with those missed posts as we continue the week.

Hope everyone is well, and taking the time to get out and enjoy the beauty of nature in Winter!

Although the mountains are still covered with a good amount of snow, Blodgett Peak made for a wonderful hike.

It should be noted that attempting to scale a snow-covered mountain with no water-proof clothing, no hiking stick, and while wearing blown-out tennis shoes is going to go exactly as expected.  Lots of face-first falling, ass-first sliding, and frozen fingers and toes!

Definitely proves to be better prepared.  Should have brought a wider lens, as well!  There are absolutely stunning sights along the way, and most just wouldn’t fit within 70mm.  I can’t wait to set up the mountain again to get those photos, as soon as some proper footwear is located!

Let’s continue to explore, and not let excitement or stubbornness keep us from being properly prepared!

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Forest Stumps

Backlit Forest