Into the Light

Into the Light

Depression can make getting out of bed almost impossible, if the idea even comes up at all.

It’s too easy to stay in the dark.  It’s too comfortable to keep staring at the wall.  It’s too inviting to stay asleep and avoid the world.

Our immediate world may feel full of anger, sadness, pain, annoyance, and frustration, but the wider world is full of so much to offer.  There are cities to explore, people to meet, laughs to be had, food to taste, clouds to watch, and sunsets to enjoy.

Our immediate world is not all we’ll ever know.  Horizons broaden.  Worlds grow.

It’s too easy to stay in the dark, but the world is so much better in the light.  Let’s make our best effort to climb out of bed and expand our world.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

Purple Buds Cloud Perspective

Passions Worth Pursuing


What makes a passion worth pursuing?

This is a question I’ve been wrestling with a lot this year.  No, you don’t have to save the world, but how do you determine whether an interest is worth pursuing?

What if a passion conflicts with your values?  Do you abandon your passion, or shape it to closer align with the values you hold?

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’

You Don’t Have to Save the World

fog nature photography

And you certainly aren’t going to single-handedly destroy it.

Over this past year, I began to start paying attention to what I poured and washed down the sink and tossed in the trash.  What is in that makeup, that hair dye, that cologne?  What is in that paint, that clay?  How much packaging was thrown in the trash and how much was recyclable?

I want to save the world.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  But just because something isn’t going to save the world doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.  The same goes for things that aren’t the most eco-friendly.

You can’t single handedly save the world, and you most certainly can’t single handedly destroy it.

Be as eco friendly as you can, but don’t let your passion to help the world keep you from enjoying other passions.

Play less video games, blog on a more energy efficient computer, paint with more eco-friendly paint, recycle more, buy more things second-hand.

We can all do our part to make our passions and lives more eco friendly to help save the world, but don’t get stuck in fear of destroying it.

Much Peace and Keep Roamin’